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Tuesday, May 03, 2016


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Andy Mallon

Isn't this just a continuation of the trend of the past ten years or more where print media is going broke against digital delivery of content? The big problem with digital versions of print is getting consumers to pay for it.


@Andy: You are right about the trend but the article has nothing to do with it.


I don't see presenting news in a VR format as adding information, which is what people want from news. Pictures are nice and can demonstrate what the words are saying about a story. But, there isn't much VR can add, IMO.

I think a video of a street event provides as much information as a VR presentation of the same event. The experience of a riot with VR would have more impact. But, who is looking for that? Would it be a good or bad thing?

Laying off the reporters and support staff is a repeating process at NYT. Doesn't that reduce their ability to gather news? Doesn't that make them less interesting to their primary demographic, those looking for news?

We are seeing print media dying out. It is difficult to find if liberal/conservative bias in media speeds or slows the demise of a publication.

Ciaran Laval

The media is struggling with the immediacy of news in the digital age. I'm not sure that laying off reporters is the right way to go though, they need engaging content, far too much hot button issues for clicks these days.

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