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Thursday, May 19, 2016


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Adeon Writer

Yup - DK2 anything is old hat. It's news when something has Oculus Rift support (AKA CV1, AKA Oculus Runtime 1.3)

Philip Rosedale

The fact that we made this work on the Oculus 0.5 SDK is what's impressive, and a good bit of work. Last December, we wrote a cross-platform implementation of the same “Asynchronous Timewarp” technique that was released by Oculus, for Windows only, in March 2016. Our version therefore enables similarly great performance on Mac OSX as well as on the HTC Vive.


Sitting back and watching.. but nice work Philip.. #TeamPhilip in this one :)


Did Occulus drop Mac OS X support because they perceive no market save on gamer-spec Windows desktops?

Typing this from an hours-old MacBook Pro. It's my fourth Mac laptop in 18 years, and there's no friggin' way I'm going back to a desktop, even if it were a Mac.


@Iggy: No, they ain't supporting Mac because there's simply none which brings the specs to enable the kind of highend VR experience Oculus is aiming for:
They're actually trying hard to make the Oculus experience smooth and compelling enough to make the platform a commercial success. They have always warned VR hardware and software providers that a poor implementation may do irreversible damage to the whole field technology.
Rosdale, on the other hand, doesn't care, HiFi has no standards, they're not making any content and the performance and experience is entirely in the hand of their domain owners...


Thanks, Wolkenreiter. I hope they enjoy whatever success they aim to have, but they'll never be mainstream with Millennials (which may not be their goal).

We are at 90% Mac OS by incoming students at my university, and nearly 0% desktops running any OS.

The PC Gamer market is a big one, that said. And if I ever have an interest in a Rig of some sort, I'm sure there will be Mac OS compatible competitors for Occulus at that point.

Adeon Writer

I don't know a single 'millennial' (I don't know a single 'millennial' who self-refers to themselves as such) who owns a mac.


@Adeon, we travel in different circles. Ours is not a gamer-heavy campus for serious games. I will add that the serious gamers I know have desktop PCs. So there you go.


Yeah it's compatible, until I say it isn't.

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