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Wednesday, May 04, 2016


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Clara Seller

It's a big commitment to something that hasn't clearly been defined. If you're not particularly motivated by just being one of the first people to "somewhere", then I would think that more information is needed.

In seeking big money investment, LL purposely marginalized their base customers from the inception of this project. (Hi Hillary) I don't find it the least bit shocking there is some apathy surrounding it now.

Dartagan Shepherd

@Clara Nailed it.

We've got some screenshots, vague claims and buzz words and phrases like "democratization of VR", "experiences" and "the Wordpress of VR".

Users are more savvy than they used to be. Everyone else is showing their technology as it's developed and using proper terms. A

It's like a sequel to "your world, your imagination" and "the 3D web", "residents (as opposed to users and customers)" except that was then and this is now.

They're doing a dog and pony show without a dog or pony. And still acting like it's a privilege to get into the show.

To me, the recent games they're playing with "buy downs", raising the transaction fees and deciding to double-sink the currency in Sansar by real money->L$->Sansar bucks->L$->real money just tells me all they really care about is monetization and not building something really cool that speaks for itself and sells itself without the amateur buzzwords.

metacam oh

Im with the rest, Lab lost my trust, spent a lot of money over the years investing in a dead end, have seen the Lab favoritism affect businesses then Im going to apply give them a run down of my project and have them judge me and/or steal my idea? The company is still clueless it seems


I have signed up. I have no idea what Sansar is about so it is like walking around in a dark room.
It is strange for a company to want you to get involved but never tell you anything about what to get in to.

zz bottom

Is the way LL is getting ready to pull out Ebbe's and choose another Ceo, as usual.

Shockwave Yareach

I'm a builder - props and scripts, some vehicles. Use Maya and povray for some great effects.

I did not apply.
I was not invited.
I saw no point responding.

My partner and I will just build in sl and Inworldz. We aren't interested in losing all our expensive stuff to move.

Adeon Writer

I applied, but it was hard to say what I'd do with no knowledge of the platform. I just had to assume it was the same as Second Life and answered accordingly.

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