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Thursday, June 30, 2016


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Well, my guess is that it is simply a mouse. A really nice desktop mouse. Why? If the first mouse killed, then the next gets the cheese because this mouse will be a really expensice luxurious mouse for desktop cone-sour...oh no, spellcheck.fail :(

Maybe it is not a standard style mouse, maybe it can be lifted up and used for VR. Even without a headset on you can use it as an advanced pointing device.

Maybe a software mouse thing used on touchscreens! I wanted this while trying to draw on my tiny cell phone. It puts a pointer on your phones screen IN FRONT of your finger and you have buttons on the screen you can press with your other fingers. Ghostmouse, it would be translucent looking and sort of a ghost of the mouse that died because of touch pad converversion. He is back, and see through like and all clicky sounding. Precision of the mouse, no hardware to carry. Yeah, I know. I am a genius. MS should be all over this. In fact, logic dictates this tech should take over for most graphics based apps on phones and tablets. I can imagine wacom will make a stylus that is similar to their other tech for the cintique and for the mouse, yup the logic choice of tech is the ghostmouse as it is so genius born solution.

Maybe I should send these guys my ideas to research, I decalre it public domain. No UI patents, though I can't be bothered to draw any for you guys...but yeah, I'm not patenting the idea so have at it.

Simon Edwell

http://mori.com is real web site and from looking at the source, it appears to be an ebook reader of some kind.

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