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Thursday, June 23, 2016


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And the iPhone's health and safety manual warns of hearing loss, but obviously it's designed to not cause hearing loss.

You wouldn't say "So yes, this is enough of a problem for the world's most valuable company to add an ass-covering disclaimer". Problem? A super remote possibility that's designed against.

"there's copious videos out there of people acting disoriented and crashing into crap after using VR (LOL!)"

Define "copious" relative to the hundreds of thousands of headset owners, and then link. You won't be able to produce ready examples on the scale of the Wii-mote tossing epidemic or such cases where products clearly needed safety work. Probably one or two weird examples much like you use the Anshe griefing as proof to yourself SL is full of griefing.

And since you don't own a VR headset yourself there's no first-hand experience you can give to educate yourself sadly.

You should reach out to a guest blogger or few who own Rifts or Vives to give reviews or experiences you're incapable of. Better yet, report first-hand on more substantive topics like new software and games available for VR.

Wagner J Au

"report first-hand on more substantive topics like new software and games available for VR."

I literally wrote two of those last week.

Adeon Writer

It's probably because when you wear the HMD you can't see the real world.

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