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Tuesday, June 28, 2016


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Wow! did you deleted my comments Hamlet?

nothing was incorrect in my statements or links so good luck with your censorship of people opinions and valid facts they bring to the table.

Clara Seller

At this point, I'm not really sure I care about names when I can't fully grasp the context of what my name would be a part of. We've been looking at dug up little pieces of Sansar and have tried to assemble some clue as to what it is. Is it bigger than a bread box? Nope, guess again.

Ciaran Laval

@Nobody there was another comment in another post a about deleted post. I've experienced issues with the spam filter here before, it may just have an updated oversensitive setting.

As for the main post, Linden Lab need to stay well away from Facebook when it comes to registrations.

Wagner J Au

Yes, Typepad comments don't work well with certain browsers. There's also a comment moderation algorithm based on reader comment guidelines posted here:


Amanda Dallin

Between Ebbe's comments and the quote you have from Peter it seems pretty clear they intend to have RL names on the account but not necessarily on the avatar. It sounds basically the same as now for anyone with payment info on file in SL. This should cut down on the anonymous griefing and stalking that occurs in SL.


Hamlet & Ciaran thx and will do on tips.


@ Ciaran 'As for the main post, Linden Lab need to stay well away from Facebook when it comes to registrations.'

It might just be cloud party bait to get bought out.

Wagner J Au

BTW I totally disagree with Ebbe's implication that Facebook has less challenges because of its real name policies. RL names solves some problems but raises others. Malicious and creepy stalking on Facebook is incredibly common, especially targeting women, because the target's name is so easy to look up.


is just about numbers

how many people have created a pseudo-anonymous site account over the last 12 years, and stayed ?

how many people over the last 12 years have created a FB and stayed ?


can posit things like complexity of UI and site purpose. But when a RL name site has 1.3billion users and a pseudo-anonymous site like SL hasn't yet made 100million unique signups then it kinda puts into perspective what any CEO would at least contemplate seriously



Sansar as a platform is something that FB might consider buying if FB can see that their view of how internets socials work has at least been considered in the design of the platform

dunno actually, but would be something I would think about if I was the boss owner of LL

zz bottom

It will be the end for me of the use of Sl if Facebook bought it.
As about Sansar, at this point nobody has a clue, but the lack of a continuous mainland is a no go, if sadly as it seems, it will be a reality.


If anything Project Sansar is making High Fidelity more and more a viable option as HF is just building the foundation for VR Worlds not setting the rules .
Soon anyone can take the software and create a version of high fidelity under a different name for public,private or business use.

Soon you will have Sansar with your real name requirements opening up everyone to stalkers while Facebook banners run in your viewer keeping you up to date on the latest Walmart deals.

No fear about a Sansar viewer the firestorm team will still get the 'Privledge' to write a few modules to make the closed source viewer usable.

Facebook is OK for the people who use it but myself i find it really nothing more then what myspace offered... a soap box.

Facebook is mark zuckerberg dream while Ebbe must not have any vision of his own instead of creating a VR world that could surpass Facebook he created a platform to be another parasitic company feeding and relying on Facebook.

facebook something someone tomorrow could put out of business with the right idea in the right cultural shift.seems sorta risky to build your who new product around considering what did happen to the parasitic business projects that built themselves around myspace

Mark Zuckerberg - Visionary,Billionaire
Philip Rosedale - Visionary,Dreamer

Ebbe Linden - Used Care salesman. wearing vintage 70's flannel suit. ready to take everyone for a ride!


@ zz bottom

Not only no mainland but no real inworld building tools from a company that was made rich by empowering its users to create creative spaces.

They did not even have to create the voxel tool sets they have been open source near ten years

Sansar says they will have voxel terrain that means they have chosen to adapt one tool kit while deliberately leading out the building kit.

They just do not want residents to be distracted when a random survey pops up in the viewer asking residents what they like about the local walmart and how it can be better.


I simply can't see what navigating and roleplaying in a VR has to do with FB, and why Sansar has to imitate FB and its "real name" policy. No one can see you on FB if you don't want them to, or your posts, or your personal information, or even your full name. In a virtual world, you encounter and talk to people in real time. You have the power not to accept "friendships" from avatars, but you still have to see what they type at you, or hear their gestures. The "feel" of the media is entirely different. There is a vulnerability. Making it available to Linden Lab is one thing; it may indeed cut down on stalking and trolling. But making it available to other users, which seems to be a condition these makers are contemplating, will keep me well away from Sansar. Treating our involvement even with the friends we make as though we're all on FaceBook together and sharing our photos and our real lives, is a huge turn off for me. That's not how I want to inhabit a Virtual Reality.


Does Ebbe et al see some kind of marketing opportunity in the "real name" condition he admires on FaceBook? Will we, as my friend suggested to me tonight, be googling different wines, for instance, while we switch between screens, come back to Sansar, turn the corner, and find a friendly barrista? Sheesh. Or be googling interstitial cystitis and run into a friendly urologist with a product?

Adeon Writer

As long as I have the option to use Sansar with any name floating above my head I want, and have the ability for others using Sansar to see and interact with me WITHOUT having the ability to figure out my real name;

There is no controversy, and there is no problem.


LL + anti-privacy Facebook = Caprica. It won't be a good outcome.

Anyway, forget what LL's policies may be with Sansar with regard to how they formally treat your private information once they have it. Let's instead think of rogue employees in an age of doxxing where activists and other nuts with personal or political vendettas target individual users by leaking their private information out to the web.

Because no matter what your "policy" is, once your information is out there on the ether, it's out there. Knowledge is power.


No way FB will be involved to any extend as some have suggested makes no sense--- and no way will there be a RL name requirement-why- because FB is free- I pay $1600 plus a month for my land use fees---and those who maintain the economy in SL are not going to "buy in" to this- and as far as the 1.3 billion names on FB- Hell I have had at least 15 accounts myself- The number of accounts stated is to charge more for advertising anyway-- not actual people-- seriously get over it--"Not Gonna Happen Folks"

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