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Wednesday, June 22, 2016


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Well I wont be signing up if we are required to use our RL name as our display name. They have my RL with my billing info, that is enough.

Bixyl Shuftan

I was having to deal with a few IMs during parts of Ebbe's interview by Jo Yardley, but yes, I clearly heard those lines I quoted here. As to why they're leaning to this move, that's something only the Lab can answer.

Eddi Haskell

I don't see it. People will not open themselves to potential blackmail this way. Can you imagine your employer or spouse tracing what you are doing online?

Adeon Writer

Real names is a non-starter for me. That single statement takes my interest in Sansar to 0%.

But then again Sansar was never targeting the Second Life demographic, so maybe they'll be successful with an entirely unrelated crowd, but it won't have much crossover, I know that.

Clara Seller

Another piece of the puzzle.

Using RL names makes me wonder if they expect users to "be the product"?


I really hope this isn't the case, I also won't be signing up if it is.

Anonymity is very important on the Internet to most people, giving an open window to be doxed by anyone you walk past is extremely dangerous.

Issa Heckroth

This would be suicide on for LL. People are already sceptical, this would ensure 90+% of Slers DONT try it.

sirhc deSantis

This is my 'real name', any realler the Lab has on file for other purposes.
And what was the other thing about carrying over existing SL account names?


Nonsense, I was there and Ebbe didn't say anything about forcing people to use their real name. End of story.Just like now in SL, people CAN use their real name if they want and that's what he said. Case closed.

zz bottom

My interest in Sansar is 0, no matter what, so...


No one can create a new Second Life but Better,not even linden lab,
Project Sansar & High Fidelity will both be flops in my opinion,use my real life name so some inworld stalker can track me down, in real life, possibly raping me while committing murder on me.

Second Life has a boat load of grievers & stalkers,great going Ebbe if ruining was enough now you want to give perverts access to my family in real life.

I should have known linden lab is being run by a door to door salesman, when not 3 months ago i was kicked out of an official second life event were ebbe had came to talk to residents,kicked out for wearing a fully clothed furry avatar!
by the green lanterns the lindens gave estate powers to at the linden event to pull security!

Nothing shocks me what this man has planned, from forcing people to show real names to letting second life super hero griever groups push & totally embarrass it's customers at community events!.


Allway go with the 3rd hand unverified Click BAIT HYPE! And who cares what he said in the part that was left out...


Wagner James Au reports first-hand from the Metaverse.


Oh snap, turns out that "Quote" never happened. Inara Pey has the full transcript, with the audio broken out into topics.


Here is an actual quote. "but do I want that people in Sansar should be able to walk around anonymously? Absolutely! You can in the physical world. I don’t have to have a name tag on myself and show my ID to every person I approach on the street. not that I’m trying to hide anything, but I also don’t think everybody should know what the hell I’m doing all the time. It’s none of your business; it’s my business."

zz bottom

Still main question on those transcripts was not asked.
When Will LL replace Ebbe as Ceo, After Christmas?

Bellahyae (or princesskalika)

"Can you imagine your employer or spouse tracing what you are doing online?"

yes i can. i think that would lead to relationships that are honest, and not made up fantasy's where one person says they will only love you alone, then runs around on you using second life as there tool to cheat.

i do not agree with employers having all of your information, and Google using this and other information to track you everywhere you go, online or outside. but yes, i really hope everyone who is in SL is being honest with there real life family's. because right now they are allowed to go rampant, behaving like the worst kind of people and not being responsible to there wife, husband or family. i apologies for my angry response. but it is something i have seen too many times undermine women, children...even men. and relationships as a whole. and just to say, i have no anger towards the poster of that response. but anger towards what is being allowed into peoples relationships to corrupt them.

Bixyl Shuftan

Going over the transcripts, it seems there was an important line of dialogue that I had missed while taking notes. While I'd like to think one could be excused for assuming the Lab could make this kind of mistake (last year about this time, they ordered all independent currency exchangers shut down), the truth is I goofed, and I apologize for stirring up what turned out to be unneeded worry.

Carlos Loff

False Issue - How can they vetify and how many thousands of employes would be needed to thoroughly verify you were using your real name ???

You would be required to send your driving license or in my countrie's case ID Card ???

In my case, I have 6 names in total, would they require only first and last or the whole 6 ?

Cumoon guys, you know better than this


Facebook does not, in practice, require real names. It merely requires real-sounding names.

And the supposed benefits of real names, like better behavior because actions have consequences, are pretty much shown up as balderdash by the many many sites that exist just to make fun of people behaving badly on Facebook.

And they have been forced to back down from enforcing real names in a number of cases, including mental health professionals who can't use their real names on social media and, drag performers who need to use their stage names for safety's sake, and other edge cases even they have been forced to admit are legitimate.

Google started out copying Facebook, because they thought Facebook's success was due to their broken name policy, and had to comprehensively reverse their policy because it caused too much disruption.

Honestly, Facebook's success is despite their real-sounding-name policy, not because of it.

LaPiscean Liberty

I really don't see this as a option for Ebbe. I feel if they are going to have real life money transactions, then the Gov. or Banking will require real life names.

Linda Rogers

The fake name culture in Second Life has been very detrimental to establishing credibility of the platform for a number of professional and business uses and has give rise to the seedy adult culture in SL that has further eroded confidence and limited investment from those businesses, educational institutions and individuals who don't care about or are able to insulate themselves from the porn industry/culture in SL.

Absolutely every negative experience and problem that I have experienced in SL has been attributable to the fake name policy and the inability of individuals to be sure of whom they are actually talking to really. These problems have taken many forms from people impersonating others, faking artistic performances, faking association with real organizations, and people disrupting business/professional activities through persistent griefing with the victims unable to protect themselves or take legal action due to the fake identities. I have also

Adeon Writer

"but do I want that people in Sansar should be able to walk around anonymously? Absolutely! You can in the physical world. I don’t have to have a name tag on myself and show my ID to every person I approach on the street. not that I’m trying to hide anything, but I also don’t think everybody should know what the hell I’m doing all the time. It’s none of your business; it’s my business." - Ebbe Linden

Could you please Reply to this, Hamlet?

Adeon Writer

(I feel lied to)

Wagner J Au

I'm talking with LL now. They want me to post a correction but the transcript is still ambiguous, so I'd rather get an official statement from them.


From how I interpret what was said, this doesn't sound all that different from when SL required a credit card to log in. And these "personas" that are mentioned just sound like alts using the same verification system as was used in the early days before anyone could sign up without any link to who they were iRL (though, of course, that was more theory than fact, given those cases where people who thought they were totally anonymous were tracked down in the course of a lawsuit).

Amanda Dallin

Hamlet, did you ever get that clarification from LL. Bixyl doens't seem unsure anymore.. He says he made a mistake. Where is your update?

Hamlet Au

Writing something now!

Wagner J Au

Update here:



Facebook will only be interested in buying out Sansar if it can sell the user activity data tied to a RL address. Otherwise, what is the point? No profit, no point, right?

Anabelle Marquis

haha gonna be mighty lonely in Sansar.


Oh, they can bugger off.

I'm even less interested in Sansar now than ever before.

What a bunch of self-aggrandizing tossers.

They really are as clueless and useless as a wet paper bag - and now I think we can add 'mentally disturbed' and 'dictatorship' to our list of adjectives.

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