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Tuesday, June 07, 2016


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metacam oh

sure if the Augmented device you are wearing makes you look like a fool no one is going to wear it, but if they are like cool sunglasses where no one knows how could you compare to talking out loud to Siri?


HoloLens isn't built for outside. A lot of it's experiences are dependent upon scanning surroundings (walls, floors, ceilings and furniture) you intend to stay within prior to app use.

Microsoft only demonstrates and describes HoloLens within home and work environments for a reason. Don't lump it with Glass. If you have any interest in being accurate over sensationalist anyway.

Wagner J Au

"work environments"

I.E., public access, non-private spaces where people are judged by non-family/friends according to their appearance and behavior, and one of the key social contexts where they most want to appear competent/cool/normative/attractive/etc to others. Watch their latest demo video.


I watched their latest video. It was about a designer using AR to mock up a design for a store. One of the actual future uses of HoloLens, not stuff like the skydiving and walking around town that Google Glass was built for. It's why I say don't conflate HoloLens with Glass. Microsoft is clearly aiming for home and work.

And no, most people's work environments don't tend to be public access. Public or not, most people are ok with wearing uniforms and different equipment that goes along with their job.

You're trying to shame the hard hat or swim goggles by saying either are silly at a park, party or other places they don't belong. Ok, cool, but makes as much sense as blogging about how silly McDonalds uniforms would be outside of a McDonalds.

The HoloLens is for home and work. It's a tool for productivity and leisure, it's not a fashion statement. Don't conflate it with Siri, don't conflate it with Google Glass. Again though, that is if you're interested in being accurate. If you're shooting for sensationalism and hot takes, yeah sure let's talk about Siri and stuff.

Adeon Writer

People are afriad to use siri in public? I never got the memo. I use it all the time. The reaction is always "I had no idea you could do that"

Adeon Writer

(of course, I don't say "siri" before my command, it's silly and unnecessary)

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