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Friday, June 03, 2016


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I've never experienced harassment in SL. I've never heard anyone I've known in SL complaining about such a problem. Maybe it occurs more in new arrival hubs.

The difference between Altspace and SL is ease of use. I think the very reason the harassment issue is not a huge problem in SL is that actually creating your own avatar and not looking like a newbie is something that goes beyond abilities of the average troll. This is why WOW, other games and simple VRs like Altspace are treacherous. The avatars are disposable and cheap. Where in SL you are your avatar, it is your calling card, and your proof of investment in the world. New avatars are so easy to pick out and easy to avoid. Female users are quick to mod their avatars and move rapidly into fashion forward circles in the process creating community around themselves. Quite simply Second Life empowers female users.

And THAT is why it is hated by the tech geeks.

Wagner J Au

Very interesting points!


After reading this 'post', I'm having my perfectly good, real legs amputated and replaced with gleaming technology ones cuz we all know that new tech is cool and real stuff is lame.


When i go to my virtual worlds sometimes people can abusive.
But in worlds that have a higher investment in time and learning people are nicer. Not everybody like me. I am a woman among thousand of men on IVAO but everybody are always polite.
On easy access networks as Altspace VR or TruckersMP it can be bad sometimes.
It is often young men that have no social skills at all. I suspect too many hours by the computer.
In SL thera are almost none of those making it a nice experince.


I really tire of the ridiculous emotional hyperbole. Did she come fresh out of her safe space with it's puppies and padded walls to warrant you writing this ridiculous gem:

"Her experiences actually seems less traumatising ".

You make a mockery of trauma or any suffering for that matter.

Ciaran Laval

I doubt very much that hardcore gamers are embracing AltSpaceVR. I'm also not sure what you mean by "Teabagging", I know a definition of "Teabagging" but it doesn't fit your context.

There are harassment issues around VR and Virtual Worlds, but Virtual Worlds generally attract an older crowd, so you may be aiming in the wrong direction here.

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