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Monday, June 06, 2016


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I don't think that Linden Lab is struggling with this problem. Some people using Second Life are struggling with it, but I doubt Linden Lab has any resources devoted to this problem. I don't think they're even trying to help people who are dealing with this kind of harassment. There are a lot of borderline cases out there, and we couldn't expect them to get in the middle of every little argument, but it wouldn't be very difficult for them to address the worst of the worst cases, people who are creating multiple accounts to conduct overt targeted harassment of others. There are committed, serial abusers in Second Life that have been repeatedly reported by dozens or hundreds of people, and no action is ever taken against them. It really wouldn't look good if LL came out and said that there no longer is a governance team, so I guess they just keep telling people to file ARs, and then ignore them. I would actually love to be wrong about there no longer being a governance team that responds to ARs, but if there is, I would wonder what in the world they've been doing.

Carlos Loff

I it my impressiuon or we can mute and ban from land other people on SL and when they get another 30 accounts we can 30 times mute and ban them, just like a routine (altough sad but anyway ritual routine) and go on with our lives ???

K Flanagan

The derender and mute resident is effective as well.

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