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Thursday, July 28, 2016


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Make the rig invisible. I don't know about the camera and aversion to Glass. Millions of addicted zombies walk around clutching devices with cameras in them all day long.

Google's rig looked dorky. AR needs to become invisible for it to catch on and addict more ADHD moderns.

As for "a technically impressive but ultimately annoying device which irritates everyone around the device's wearer by conveying that they're not very important, since the owner would literally rather live in another reality than them"?

I call that a smart phone.

Shockwave yareach

The issue with glass had nothing to do with the fact the user saw things nobody else could. That has been the case with laptops and cells for years.

The problem was that there was a tv camera that was on all the time, and every person who walked into view was now a tv star whether they wanted to be or not. The devices made it impossible to simply walk in public without being in some guys YouTube show, without permission or compensation. While yes, being in public means i have no expectation of privacy, it doesnt mean i can be forced to entertain you and your friends, just because i have to shop for preperation H.


I keep thinking that Googles biggest mistake has been, that they pushed this as a consumer product without any idea what the consumers would ever want to do with it.

Then there was all the very justified controversy about the camera and privacy rights on top and things ended like they did.

I have no idea if I am rightm but I think that if they had pushed it for business application mainly first, it eventually would have become a success on the consumer market too. It might have taken longer of course and in todays world, it seems like if something is not a big hit in the moment it appears, it is considered a failure.

Humans would not have moved out of caves if they would have been thinking like that.

Thommy Boy

Even if the AR is mostly invisible, I believe people will be able to tell if you are using or not... an older video, but a possible look into our near term future. https://youtu.be/GJKwHAvR4uI

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