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Tuesday, July 19, 2016


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Bettina Tizzy

I'm intrigued. Wonder if Rosedale has provided some incentive. He cannot expect the "residents" of High Fidelity to produce everything, market their content AND the platform and protect their content and pay for the right to do so without support. Please, please don't repeat the same mistake, Philip.

Caitlyn Meeks

Hiya Bettina, glad to see you here!

In the near future we will of course offer incentive via marketplace sales and introduce technology for content license management, definitely. Although with High Fidelity, we're not looking to corner the market for content- we consider ourselves more of a platform than a walled garden service, and anticipate folks will want to set up and run their own domains, markets and businesses, without having to rely exclusively on High Fidelity.


The Coffee House

'The question is, will the first movers end up being these new platforms' dominant players? Because they usually are.'

Why? the platform should empower everyone to be able to create on a much higher level then SL ever was.
lots of people have great ideas but with both platforms unwilling to offer or create the tools needed for users to realize those dreams,both revolving around the tired marketplace idea of micro transactions.

These brands? just a person behind the keyboard with a store front like everyone else, making clothing is not hard at all! you can create a dress in Marvelous Designer in 30 minutes then smooth it over in TopoGun in under an hour then rig/weight it in Blender using Avastar in 20 minutes.
Log in Second Life,prepare demo,import parts..set for sale semi exclusive of only 10(really set it to 30 hehe)) at $L6500 and watch the money pour in.
the issue for many in the know is all this can be done in the game with the right cutting edge tools but again its a money grab first lets pretend a creative platform second.

Is Blueberry talented? yes very much so! my point is not trying to take from that, but so are millions of people are talented, but if you refuse to empower them to compete at all then all you will have is exceptions like Blueberry

Both platforms are being built already stagnated under the idea of only a few select people should be able to create or profit, intentional or not by not providing outstanding cutting edge create tools millions can use, both platforms risk being dinosaurs out of beta right away when someone comes along willing to offer the creative outlet that's missing and they they are coming!

Same old game just a different face coming up, unfortunately people are not as uninformed as before this time around.

The Coffee House

Why be part of something that allows others to achieve the minds eye dreams they have, while you or i are labeled as only being able to be a consumer not worthy of higher achievements.

Deconstructed its all a money game at the highest & lowest level under the face of new experiences.

The Coffee House

I wish i was wrong & someone was able to rightfully enlighten me to a much different outlook.

Clara Seller

I pretty much agree with The Coffee House. I can't help but look at High Fidelity and Sansar and wonder if the driving force behind these projects is more about narcissistic "redemption" than actually the end users experience. There just seems to be a disconnect between what users want and what they are being served. I guess this could be applied to just about every monopoly we see happening across the globe. Maybe the users will just have to find something with promise, support it, and grow it from the dirt. Relying on experts is not very inspiring right now.

Issa Heckroth

LL cant win with this one.

If they let creators in early, people scream favoratism.

If they let everyone in at the same time, people scream its buggy and empty.

The Coffee House


Sounds like you already got your answer before typing.

Issa Wrote.
"If they let creators in early, people scream favoritism."

Hamlet Wrote.
"The question is, will the first movers end up being these new platforms' dominant players? Because they usually are."

Sticking to the facts only High Fidelity has been 100% transparent with a clear road map from day one,
HF is not competing with PS,they are creating an open source platform for anyone to use,for anything,across the globe..Apache Type Software Standard for emerging VR Worlds

Being critical of both platforms in a polite but direct way regarding what i or others view as missed expectations can be seen as feedback if they are receptive to it as something meaningful or useful.

I do truly believe everyone in articles like this,do so because they care,my comments above are not an attempt to diminish your viewpoint expressed or you're feelings shared, as such i often find your comments Issa here and elsewhere interesting while your often spot on in your analysts findings.

Issa Heckroth

meh. I cant even spell favoritism correctly. What do I know? =)

The Coffee Shop


You think you're spellings is bad-_~ try my generic typing style,always getting hassled as someone else by some paranoid posters,hehe

Next week i leave for work overseas until 2020 on a 4year contract,....i have hope Second Life is still here on my return!
Treasure Cove is closing in Second Life.. one of the giant content providers is closing up.(Time to move on)

"Message From:Cara Ametza

Thats right, you read that correctly, sadly.... Monday at some point Treasured Cove doors will close. It has been a great many years of fun and designing with all of you."

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