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Friday, July 29, 2016


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Carlos Loff

Im developing a huge huge huge Space SIm inspired in Star Citizen and No Man´s Sky, using the Opensim platform, users will be able get quality freebies to explore and colonize planets (build huge colonies) and also some missions with great rewards - It will be possible to free flight on a Universe made of 8X12 SIMS and step on huge planets, moons, space stations and other celestial stuff - Planets will vary from 2X2 SIMs size up to 4X4 SIMs size and they will show many different atmospheres, some life some dead, some terraformed some harsh, caves, oceans and mountains to explore, moons will have 1 SIM size and at the planets people will be able to develop half-sim size colnies with 3K prims only for 5€/month - HERE WE GOOOO - SPACE LIFE - Explore and Colonize - https://plus.google.com/communities/111296479485167867721

Graham Mills

Residents of the the Kitely OpenSim grid are organising a history-themed month in August. The details are here http://signofthekite.com/history_month/

My own contributions are mostly small works-in-progress, some of which make use of 3D scans provided for download by Sketchfab users: https://alpha.app.net/hashtags/historymonth

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