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Monday, July 25, 2016


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Philip Rosedale

High Fidelity will protect content by issuing certificates that validate authentic content by providing a proof-of-purchase and link to get your own copy, etc. Server operators will have the ability to require all content on their servers to be authentic.

As you say, we agree that the most important thing for content creators is to be able to make money selling content if they choose to.

Julie Tailor

I have very vastly impressed with High Fidelity.
Less so with Sansar - still no news for the Beta for creators waiting nor dates "Summer" is fast coming to a close with no emails or news in months to those waiting.

Seems to be a familiar level of "comms" from Linden Research.

zz bottom

Sansar is a dead duck and Ebbe will be out of office before the end of the year.

Timo Gufler

As High Fidelity is open-source, it should be possible to create 3rd-party viewers. That's something not promised by Sansar. Allowing third parties to host domain servers should bring healthy competition to the land markets of HF.

Chic Aeon


If you had been keeping up with the Project Sansar Creator Preview, you would know that the first creators are scheduled to be admitted in August. There are a few alpha testers now (at least that is the official word) but others will "begin" their journey sometime next month. I haven't seen a date and of course not everyone that applied will be invited in.

Some, according to Ebbe (recent video) had projects too complex for the platform at this time and some, I know, aren't really content creators at all and have nothing to show and tell; they simply were trying to get in and see.

Well THAT doesn't work LOL.

@ zz

While High Fidelity is certainly NOT Opensim there are many parallels, both positive and negative. The same issues that plague OS could easily been seen in HF -- domain hosting and viewers among them. Only time will tell.



VR next-gen games are where the real fun will start first in VR, not in some user-created, noob world with no game engine in place, where everyone stands around mindlessly looking at 3d objects.


The future of VR belongs to user created content. Have any other companies thrived on user created content? Maybe a few. Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

The old model of high price creators making things for the masses to play with is a dead model. Professional creators are to pricey to be profitable.

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