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Tuesday, July 26, 2016


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After some talks to lawyers and insurence company. We now have a clause that say that none our content can be used or downloaded in US or Canada. If you do so it your own fault.

It is totally crazy and bad for business.


To me, it looks like they closed the legal blocks that hampers moving SL content to a SL 2.0 or Sansar...or a future renamed High Fidelity.


Both LL's and HF's terms of services practically clone the IPRs of your uploaded works. If you are not a Picasso but just want to earn couple of cents in the marketplace you probably don't care.

Strictly harmonizing the TOSes would be a logical step if they planned to move content from Sansar or HF to SL 1.0, but the other way around ... no.

A complicated issue related to LL-like terms of services are the textures and sounds you have bought outside of the virtual world. Giving the VW a right to sell, re-sell or sublicense those things violates the ToS of the seller. For that reason CGTextures forbids using their textures in any of the Linden Lab's products or services.

Cloud Party had nicer terms, Minecraft has as well. High Fidelity would do well if they had similar ones too.

Carlos Loff

The illusion that folks may move content from SL to Sansar persists - My friends - Sansar is fully different, other wise it would be just an upgrade to SL - And no lucid mind company would even touch the tip of the iceberg of dealing with risky content transfer licensing, no even a full perm freebie, so STOP DREAMING on content transfer

zz bottom

I believe that any content made inside Sl will be able to be exported to Sansar. In fact SL will be the only tool available to work on both grids.
So get ready to build with reg prims, the import export Sansar or Hf tool will made them apear back on those grids.
In fact what better use for Sl then the perfect tool to build for them?
Is there any other easy way to do so, cause nor blender, nor colada nor whatever ootuside tool is as god as Sl.


I love watching fools getting ripped off.

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