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Friday, July 15, 2016


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Wow, you are on a serious streak of political mis-quotes...


For those who are too lazy or foaming at the mouth with faux outrage: He is talking specifically about those Muslims who want and practice Sharia law. I fully support that. You either abide by US Law or get out, it's really that simple.

I used to think this blog was better than that, but everything is game now, eh Hamlet-even your integrity, if you ever had any.

Wagner J Au


Mr. Gingrich’s comments are the latest iteration in the effort to make Shariah into a target. His goal seems to be to disclaim condemnation of Muslims per se by saying that Muslims would not be dangerous as long as they rejected Shariah.

But that’s like saying Christians would be acceptable so long as they repudiated the doctrine of Christ’s divinity, or that Jews could be tolerated if they denied God’s revelation to Moses at Sinai. Shariah is that central to orthodox Islamic faith.

That doesn’t mean, however, that all Muslims accept the tenets of Islamic law as interpreted by the most traditional and extreme schools of thought. A vast majority of Muslims reject the use of Shariah to legitimate terrorism...

For most Muslims, Shariah is one part of that meaning-making effort. That’s why Muslims disagree about what Shariah entails — while believing that it is an important part of their tradition and faith.


Some conservatives, like Newt, believe Shariah law is incompatible with the secular law of the Constitution, and therefore that justifies banning anyone who believes in Shariah law. However, Biblical law is incompatible with our secular laws. Ye can not execute people for working on Saturday, committing adultery, being gay, not keeping Kosher laws, etc. By Newt's conservative logic, only atheists, Buddhists, and pagans have a place here.

Tito Gonzalez

Islam should not be protected under the first amendment. It's an evil fascist ideology and all and any versions of it should be banned outright.

Clara Seller

When the US goes sifting through it's political trash for ideas, it shouldn't surprise us that we get trashy ideas.

We The People have already thrown away Gingrich, Trump, and Clinton years ago. They are now all stinky and rotten.

We can't afford to be dumpster divers when it comes to our future.


@Tito Gonzalez Ye are confusing Islam with ISIS. That's like thinking the KKK or white supremacists like Dylann Storm Roof represent Christianity, and therefore all Christians should be banned.

The majority of Muslims in Muslim countries oppose ISIS and the extremism it represents. In the USA the first amendment allows you to speak such words of bigotry, only after it first preserves religious freedom against the hateful wishes of bigots such as yourself.

The great tragedy is that you've been led to believe such reprehensible thinking is acceptable by political opportunists like Trump and Gingrich who should know better.

metacam oh

funny that a guy named "FreeSpeechisDead" thinks you can ban people from the US based on what they think. You going to invent a new device that reads people's minds? So silly.

Priscilla Cox

Hey, remember that time when Sharia law was a real problem in the United States?

...yea... Neither do I... -_-

Much like the nonexistent voter fraud/voter ID nonsense, this Sharia hysteria is nothing but a right-wing red herring.

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