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Thursday, July 14, 2016


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Adeon Writer

The problem is Pokemon has never been an MMO. The main series has always been a singleplayer game, and yes, Pokemon never die in Nintendo's world, no matter how many fights they lose or how long they get abandoned - and it's too late to change that.

The kicker is currently the game only includes Generation 1 Pokemon (series of pokemon are referred to as Generations, with Gen 1 being the 151 characters on the original 90's)

So as far as avoiding being a fad, they only have to start releasing the Gen 2 characters as soon as profit starts dipping. Then Gen 3. Then 4. The games are currently on 7, so that's 7 major updates to keep the game alive.

Plus they can do smaller updates like add the very popular Pokemon-Amie features which turns Pokemon from a collectathon to a virtual pet mini-game.

Lots of room to expand - this is Pokemon. They know what they're doing.


Well, as soon as you added trading between players, the original Pokemon games became mmos. They became games where the actions of many other players might or might not impact you.

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