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Wednesday, July 20, 2016


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Kitty Revolver

Honestly, I don't know. I know that if I get in with the early adopters, I may be able to carve a niche for myself, but honestly, I am not sure I want to go to Sansar or HF. I am not really into VR, and it is cost-prohibitive/time-prohibited right now.

Richardus Raymaker

Difficult question, i have Some free items in High Fidelity. Or the come. About project sansar , not enough info.

Im sure i want to one of them at the end. ALso because Secondlife not suport my hardware. At the end. I still need to see wich of to my secondlife friends choice.


It will be most interesting to see if AvaStar and MayaStar move to support export to all three. I think what those two do will likely have a significant impact on what SL creators do.

Timo Gufler

Considering LL's questionable attitude towards content creators, I am going to put all my eggs in HF's basket.


I went to hifi, and Im ready to rez and sell my stuff anywhere. But, the only question that remains open comes down to content protection.
You may know hifi doesn't host the models or textures etc, on their own servers. In order to visualize the models, the user loads them from an external URL and last time I checked it was still unclear how to 100% protect these as it could be easy just to get the URL and go pick content for free. You may look into the hifi forum, a lot of ppl are suggesting possible sec solutions.
I would be very glad to hear some fresh news about that, but if there is no clear solution right now, I will wait. I personally believe the future of content protection is in the blockchain.

zz bottom

The future on content protection is to open it to all. Restrictions, all for any to share and enjoy, allowing for far more creativity, from creators, users and overall.
No more non mod items.
No more non copy items.
No more non transfer items.
There will be always those who will rip off any content no matter where.
But when the content is free and available to all, what is the point of doing so?


Actually it seems that HF ToS is as ugly as SL one. Even if you hosted your own Domain Server as part of the "Platform", you would practically grant them an unlimited right over your content (including a right to "sell, re-sell, sublicense and otherwise exploit" your work). Grass is not greener there.

The Coffee Shop

I wrote a very long post,then deleted that post,so here is the short tail end of it.

High Fidelity will be a success in my thoughts but some of us expected more out of the box thinking to what a marketplace is and how you interact with it,
Sansar well if its run by the same people who refuse to make Second Life the best it can be, then what will be the point of joining in on another mismanaged adventure,

Meanwhile, Minecraft has another million new residents to fill its sandboxes.

The Coffee Shop

@ Leni

Sometimes things are just added to legal documents not because "you would practically grant them an unlimited right over your content (including a right to "sell, re-sell, sublicense and otherwise exploit" your work)."but to protect themselves from someone looking for vulnerabilities to sue them on some grounds, while another part might be they use a picture of your product in regards to promotions ect...

Show me any smart company or business these days who do not have legal blanket coverage in the terms of service they offer!


@ The Coffee Shop

Actually it's not hard to find more respectful terms of services. Just see terms of Minecraft or Yahoo (Flickr). A competent lawyer doesn't need to take the path of least resistance!

The Coffee House

@ Leni

Perhaps we agree to what you have stated,let me ask you a question,have you ever contacted HF directly to get further clarification or to let them know you believe "HF ToS is as ugly as SL one" and maybe needs a review? not joking really, if its that bad!, it would be in everyone's best interests to have you do so.

I remember how hurtful that whole thing has been in Second Life, while never being fully resolved, just swept under the rug by cheerleaders, so you speak from a valid standpoint.


@ The Coffee Shop

Perhaps it wouldn't be a bad idea to start a discussion on the HF forum. They may still listen. I just hope they don't consult with the very same law firm as LL. Let's see.


HIFI is empty and i have no idea what Sansar is about. Not the best days for creating content.


Instead of paying popular SL content creators to testify for HiFi, they should first set some standards, especially on their avatars... And NO, not the proprietary, expensive Mixamo rig, please!
If everyone can do as they please, it will always just feel like "something", not somewhere. If I had the manpower and resources to create everything from scratch, I'd rather pick some proven game engine, like Unity or Unreal, rather than investing into some esotheric piece of technology that doesn't seem to know what it wants to become, itself...
I like to compare it with the developments on Smartphones: They had been around for a long, long time, as a complicated, nerdy gadget, but it wasn't until Apple came and actually enforced usability standards for them to attract mainstream attention. HiFi currently is the Symbian of virtual worlds (anyone even remember what that was?), but it won't go anywhere until someone makes it the iPhone...


Yes, already moved to sinewave space.

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