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Monday, July 18, 2016


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Amanda Dallin

Events has been like that for the nearly 10 years I've been in SL. You could also find people who were bored of SL after a while. LL has never held us by the hand to show us what to do. That might bring in more people but it would also change the character of SL. SL is a general experience.. It can never be as good as a specialized racing, flight simulator or war game. What it does let's you build communities around those things.


This is what happens when you do not introduce new functions and develope your product.
LL is working on other things.
I suspect Sansar will be a Blue mars clone and that worked out well ;)
My hope is that they learn from this and use it to improve our world.

Carlos Loff

LL, without openly do sabotage on SL, nevertheless will take every little possible step or not take every possible care, to achieve the desire for migration to Samsar

zz bottom

If one thinks we, users , will give up SL for sansar, one also believes Trump will be the next Usa president.
Still as there is Canada, we will have Open Sim if that happens.

Shockwave yareach

I used to make games to play and mazes to explore. One covered a quarter sim and had puzzles and traps. I built rides for RFL too.

Nobody came to play any of it, because nobody knew about it. This I gave up trying to make fun things to do in SL.

Aliasi Stonebender

Well, the roleplay sims I frequent certainly seem busy enough. Given that SL is basically "a MUSH, but graphical" it's hardly surprising that the function MUSHes get used for to this day remain steady and robust in Second Life, really.


Back when I started in SL, one of the first things I learned about how to find interesting events and places was, no to look at the events list. Compared to what you can find by looking through the search and other people profiles, the events list has always been extremly poor and never showed the true gems of SL. And I do not remember it being any different since 2007.

Now I never recommend to people to look at it when they complain about lacking things to do. It is and has always been useless to find interesting events.

Adeon Writer

I still have no idea how to find out about new interesting places in Second Life. You either have to know the creator of the sim, or be friends with someone who is, or friends of them... eventually it'll get to you and you'll get a teleport.

That's the only way I know.

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