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Wednesday, July 06, 2016


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Bixyl Shuftan

I've had a few people compare me to "Walter Cronkite," but he was in a class by himself. ;-)

I've done my best to create a fairly balanced coverage of the groups. In real life, I have some Trump supporters among friends and family, and a few "Berners" among my Second Life/ Facebook friends. While I do have an ideology, it's not my job to tell people what to think, just ask that they do. I just tell the facts as I see them, and let the readers make their conclusions.


"an anti-Hillary meme with an anti-Semitic Star of David" I do not anti-semetic there- give it a rest--


All June and July SL marketplace has been deluged with people selling copies of creators product pictures that are empty,copybotted items all reported but Lindems are slow to stop this. BUT its good to know they have time to chase trackdown and ban these political griefers that offend their politics its good to know they are taking a stand at the creators expense.

The Fluffy Thing

I have read some of your comments and it seems to me you guys haven't met those people and let the blogger paint a rather disturbing image about the.

As a Trump supporter's member (anon), I'd like to state that folks I was familiar with weren't as the evil "trump trolls" as you make them seem

and I did reside on the above mentioned "The Wall" sim and as it provided homes to great people ranging from vital and important content creators and merchants to the rest of SL, Professional Artists, Actors, singers, and musicians, Software Developers, and software engineers, and classy real life business owners.

The entire seem was made as a slapstick parody and in respect to the community the sim was built as private introducing ONLY people of like-minded interest, we were "particularly careful" about no hurting feelings or insulting others and our sim was designed for people with keen interest and open mind to discussing politics, religion, human rights and other real-life topics that matter. to our community SL is not some escape into virtuality approach, we actually took SL's dream into reality and considered this sim a possible attraction to people of serious interest in the above.

The modified EAGLE was placed there early during the creation of the sim, it partially resembles the reference to the letter "T" for Trump.

We do Support Donald Trump's idea that someone has to save the country from the VERY real danger of the Global Elite; lots of commoners may refer to this as conspiracy theory but everyone who knows anyone upstairs knows those members and groups in person. we fight for the idea that we need someone with a Business mind, who is not here to lie on people and keep on the Agenda of the now filthy and corrupt government parasites.

I'd like to share you that the "troll gang" i.e. my friends are not doing anything that violates the community, and if so we expect Linden Labs to give us a fair written warning, a second warning, etc.
and if it leads to banning, it should be 1 "not permanent" and 2 "not genocidal" what Linden Labs did was indiscriminately picking everyone who's a moderator or owner in the group and wiping their user-owned accounts, user-owned and created content, and user-owned and created estates. worth of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours spent.

Flying Swastikas across a "friendly" Bernie Sanders sim was NOT trolling or grieving as we did not launch any kinds of codes for the purpose of destroying or causing any damage to those sims.
As with any SL sim, people can always "mute" other players" or simply ban them from said "sim" without causing any serious harm. but nevertheless punishing the person from ever entering the sim.


The Fluffy Thing... Likely dinoraptor101 seeing how disillusioned they are... Is drowning in the JP cool-aid, as the only person in The Walls EM list and group ownership that didn't get the ban hammer, and as a result get to wander through SL with legitimacy and not on ban dodger accounts, looking at you there JPizzers... The bans at the wall were as follows:

1. Not politicial in anyway shape or form
2. Not due to griefing
3. Were entirely due to JP being a petty script kiddie and attacking SL accounts through automated means to gather an army of alt accounts to use to avoid bans...

Big shocker, Linden Lab doesn't like account theft, sad to see how many people had weak passwords that were easily guessed.

Not that I really care what the reason was, but since people can't do their homework and find out the truth, someone has to help steer pesky reporters out of the ditch.

The Wall was simply political satire at it's best, The Trump movement under JP lost all momentum and legitimacy when he closed the HQ. As for griefing stemming from there, a good amount of the people were indeed examples of SL's worse, and it wouldn't surprise me if they were off on their own griefing tirades. Still doesn't change the fact the bans had little to nothing to do with that.

Also Wagner, try to for once do some homework before calling an eagle as simply Nazi, the whole thing is a throwback in symbolism even you could figure out if you accepted the fact that "The Wall" had little to no direct political motive. It was just a big cesspit of memes.


For anyone interested at what stupid thing they went to do after getting banned from SL. From ruining one virtual space to the next, someone better call an oncologist to diagnose this cancer. Latest news on the block coming from his "insider" derptards that can't keep their mouths shut, like The Fluffy Thing above here, they apparently had a run in with the Kitely CEO already for griefing, oh and have ripped the mesh bodies of the Maitreya, A.V 2.0 and Kemono into Kitely. Great stuff.

Oh and last thing, that eagle, was made out of prims, I think I deserve some credit for building it and having it look down right amazing eh? It is so degrading to my artistic ability for you to simply dismiss it as "Nazi" Tss Tss I would like you to build a sim sized eagle that holds up to the sim map photo madness.


To sum up what Kylee said.


Priscilla Cox

Trump Troll, JP Laszlo being a low life SL scumbag criminal and stealing other peoples' accounts?

You Don't Say???


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