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Tuesday, August 02, 2016


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ppl creating all kinds of nightmares and catching fun doing it - as if there would not be enough in RL already! What's the point?


ppl creating all kinds of nightmares and catching fun doing it - as if there would not be enough in RL already! What's the point?

zz bottom

Forget about the spammer.
It is wonderful to see a post about Open Sim for once and more, one that shows how it serves a much better purpose then Second Life.
Cause Open Sim, not only is Hypergrided (meaning one does not need to login in on that specific grid, just on any of the hypergrid linked ones and teleport) but it is free, the cost of doing the same project in Second Life would be barely impossible to support.

Carlos Loff

Any Viewer works with Opensim, Firestorm and Singularity as the best ones - Folks just need to copy each Grid URL and add it to the view´s networks list and than they will become just another option to visit, just as SL is - Once ready to visit a grid you can jump from that one to other opengrids, (Hypergrid)

Carlos Loff

Open Sim allows VARs, = One solid region with many 256X256mts SIMs, with same Avatar load or more, better performance and many more prims than SL - Some folks get crazy and have 10X10 SIMs VARs but for optimal viewer performance the biggest you should go is 4X4 VARs = 16 SL SIMs - I have 20 VARs of 16 SIMs each all neighboured together and there are no Simcross issues, even for most vehicles - So I have 320 SL SIMs for only 100$/month - Opensim has concerts, DJs, fine creators and scripters and all the stuff as SL - altough not as much content yet as SL but stupid low prices allow wild mega-projects

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