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Tuesday, August 23, 2016


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This is so predictable though. The game is insanely boring and uncreative, not to mention quite different from the games we know and love. Leaving the "magic" of pokémon to another company (Niantic), who launched a barebones game with little to no incentives to keep playing was a mistake.

That being said, when they finally do come out with content worth caring about, we will see usage rise somewhat again. For now, I am extremely and sorely disappointed in Niantic. Also in my parents who spend money on pokéballs, which can be gotten for free(albeit not in our area as easily) and incense(which is such an insult that they even included incense, they barely do anything. What the hell? Did I want 50 million ratatas and pidgeys? No, thanks. There's literally no reason for me to use an incense, it's a horrible waste of time.)

Am I upset they are spending money? No, I'm upset they are supporting a game which is a horrible piece of underdeveloped junk. I don't mean to offend anyone, but the game doesn't do "game" well. It is like a 0.3 alpha, and they say it's 1.1?
Laughable. This isn't a game, it's a flower shop you pay for with time and money.
Cute, but ultimately ornamental and not captivating enough to be engaged with daily.

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