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Friday, August 12, 2016


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The scam must have been for private-estate land.

I logged in yesterday for the first time in a while to attend an educators' meeting. Everywhere around my little 512 on the Mainland is abandoned. A sim adjacent had nothing at all on it. Took a look around several nearby sims and it was all ghost town.

I don't think you find a buyer for a sim on the mainland for $53.

Shockwave yareach

If there is real money stolen then the real law should be involved.


Sounds great. Now maybe the author of this blog, and other "journalists" will be liable for promoting the scam that is SL when the class action suit gets to the next round?


Are aware that in a resent crack down linden labs have banned large numbers of avatars in addition voice has been turned off at a large number of sims is this the way they intend to run sansar with an iron fist

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