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Monday, August 29, 2016


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Kavon Chrome

How about simply making it mandatory to have payment on file to sell on marketplace! Then they will know the real life information on who is selling ripped or against T.O.S. items.


I think people might be misunderstanding what's going on a bit: these items *have* to be sold full-permissions, and they *have* to be resellable, because these items are meant to be modified and resold -- that's entirely what they're for.

The problem is that they're not intended to be resold unmodified, with full-permissions, or at a price lower than the original seller, and that's what some people are doing now.

So there really isn't any technical solution to this. When it comes down to it selling stuff full-permissions is inherently risky. Creators have to be willing to accept that risk and the fact that there will be theft if they want this to be their business. Otherwise, they do have the option of selling no-transfer items directly to consumers and that's certainly no less lucrative.

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