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Thursday, August 11, 2016


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Shockwave yareach

Both sides can easily be handled at the same time. I will not permit my identity to be freely discovered, because of all the idiots in the world. It is not any business of Galactiplatapuss362436 where i live, work, take my kids to school, etc. at the same time though, i dont object to the site operators knowing, since then my words are mine and tracable.

I dont mind my words being tracable by the host so i am accountable for what i say. But i wont be a part of any world where my personal life is the world's business. Require id to join a site, but dont hand it out to joe Public so some punk can shoot the windows of your car, for whatever reason.

zz bottom

Privacy is a right, the end of that right will be the end of the internet.


Allowing freedom of speech isn't the same as tolerating abuse though.
People may have the ability and right to get arms, but when they misuse them they are taken away. Perhaps the solution would be to nullify an accounts ability to comment towards anyone in the general public, restricting their posts to their followers?
If they troll too hard they should face consequences.

The problem of course is the fact that they can simply create another account, etc. There are ways of trying to deal with that as well (IP addresses, etc), but they aren't too effective if someone is determined. (or so I believe)

To see an example of how this effects people who are "famous", take a look at Notch's twitter account.
He get's so much trolling, and he actually responds to and reads them.
You can't live your life like that, it eats away at you.
I'm not sure how he is doing, but he seems very unhappy.
Hopefully that's not the case though.

My point is that we can't be expected to whitelist everything, but there should be some kind of community based blacklist to enforce a code of conduct on the larger community, one which springs up from the community itself.
Like those systems of.. what are they called...
There's this thing where people give other people positive or negative ratings based on their contributions to an open source programming project or endeavor, and that "karma" basically identifies them within the community.

I think a similar program would be interesting for a social network like Twitter.
Of course we have to consider the vastness of twitter, of networks of trolls which may support each other, and whether or not bots could just annhilate this whole idea.

There's a way to handle this... out there somewhere.
just takes someone with the right vision to make it work.

Shockwave yareach

You speak of feedback scoring

That was tried in SL. It was a horrific mess. Help out out several weeks at the citadel of prims and you get exactly zero good votes. But tell one troublemaker from woodbury to take his phallus launcher elsewhere and they all negatively rate you. If anyone can vote then the ones who will vote the most are those griefers you are trying to identify and cant because everyone then has negative ratings.


Drew956 said, “Allowing freedom of speech isn't the same as tolerating abuse though.”

The problem with that statement is the omission of stating who gets to determine what abuse is. Is calling someone a bigot abuse if they are a bigot? What if they aren't a bigot? Who decides if they are a bigot?

The concept behind NOT tolerating verbal abuse is removal of free speech. Once politicians can infringe in the name of hate, then abuse, then … they have trained the population to tolerate whatever and established precedence.

We have people that are traumatized by seeing a written sign saying Vote Trump and demand psychological help and removal of the sign.

Who in the Rebel Pundit video is being abusive? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxcAN0t6GrI)

I think the CNN reporter is being very abusive and misleading. But, his question is presented in a rational sounding and generally socially acceptable manner. But, it is insidiously abusive and misleading. Fortunately the man responding is rational.

As free speech is corroded we see more groups and companies doing things that would never have been tolerated by the previous generation. http://observer.com/2016/08/tech-companies-apple-twitter-google-and-instagram-collude-to-defeat-trump/

Argo N.

@ Is calling someone a bigot abuse if they are a bigot?

What if they are not a bigot but someone whose has devoted their live to fostering equality. Should they be smeared all over the tweetersphere, their children cyber-bullied and their telephone number and intimate private details doxed? Should it be be acceptable to spew whatever venom a hater cares to broadcast? I believe their is a false choice at the heart of your statement. That we must all live in the sewer because some one thinks it is a garden.

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