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Monday, August 22, 2016


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Shockwave yareach

The idea we are in an artificial universe is little different than the idea that our universe was created by God. Both assume a creator that controls everything. One just has a tech component to it that youd better pray is on a really good ups.

Thommy Boy

If the Earth is a simulation, as is all of what we perceive to be reality, and we have always been a simulation - then of course we do not need a reference point in reality as the simulation has always been our reality. The difference between religion and testing to see if we are indeed in a simulation, is that one seeks the truth, the other intends to force a perceived "Truth" on others.

Guntram Graef

Of course we could have been in base reality at some point. That we don't remember it might be an intentionally induced amnesia to increase the realism of our simulated experience.


If this universe were a simulation, it had to be designed by LInden Lab.

Tito Gonzalez

Wow that is so weak.
A baby has never been in it's reality either and yet it learns pretty damn quick.


Lol I have to agree with Tito.

I also liked what the others were saying.
It's important to note that if we are in a simulation, even IF that simulation crashed, or something went wrong with the tech, we'd likely never know.
For the instance where it crashes, if we get reverted to a "save state" we don't have any recollection of anything that would trigger flags in our minds.
We wouldn't know anything had happened.
We'd just relive the moments before the crash as naturally as before.
(whether identically so or not is a different matter entirely)
Our internal state does not save data which points to an external state.
At least as far as I know, correct me if quantum physics wishes to argue otherwise.
(though know that even that theory doesn't equate to proof of anything, itself being just a (well-supported) model, not the absolute)

Switching off while in one state and resuming to that same state after any duration of time would still be a fluid, uninterrupted, experience from our point of view.
In otherwords, even if we were "unplugged" for a billion years, and then the "program" or whatever was resumed, we wouldn't know any difference.
We would not be able to perceive an external time frame, since our internal time frame is self-contained and based on when we are actually being simulated.

These were just some thoughts I wanted to share, not necessarily directly linked to the overarching question of if we are in a simulation.

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