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Monday, August 01, 2016


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Carlos Loff

I came looking for New World Notes - What the hell is a presidential survey doing here ???

Clara Seller

The Stein support doesn't surprise me at all. You just have to shine a light in the shadows, listen beyond the white noise machines, or pan the camera away from the stage. If anyone still believes there are clear choices in this election they are being herded off a cliff.

Kate Amdahl

First, to the person who asked what a presidential election survey is doing here, I think it's a good question, but one with a good answer: Hamlet's giving us a glimpse into the political opinions of people who live in our world. Thanks, Hamlet! Those are likely to be different from the opinions of the people of any one country or layer of society.

On that same note, I'm not at all surprised that the results of this survey are different from those of the general U.S. population. First, Second Life is international! At least back in 2007, supposedly, there were more European resis than U.S. resis. I think both Trumpism and Libertarianism are the kinds of politics that tend to play better in the United States than elsewhere in the world.

And I bet Second Life users aren't representative of the population at large in their own countries, either. Second Life runs better on expensive computers, which suggests there probably aren't many low-income users, for instance. There's a lot of off-color content in Second Life, which probably makes it more comfortable for some parts of the population than others. It requires a lot of computer learning, too, which means that seniors may not be as well represented as younger people and less-technologically-inclined people will be in a small minority ... and I'm sure there are other differences!

And then, too, readers of New World Notes probably aren't a representative sample of Second Life residents! We're probably the more hard-core and reading-oriented and culturally-curious types, and it would be reasonable to imagine that as a group we'd be politically skewed in some way.

As to Libertarianism appealing to Second Life residents because there's no law or structure to our world, I'd like to point out that this isn't really by our choice! I'd love for Second Life to be a place with some governance and stability, and living in a world where things appear and disappear and the authorities are rarely involved in resolving disputes and injustices does not make me at all more enthusiastic about societies without constraints!

In fact, that makes me really interested to imagine what a virtual world that *did* have some governance would be like, so I'll write something about that for my own blog.

zz bottom

Well for sure i think Usa elections can effect the rest of the World.
The 2 way system in Usa is dead and its 2 candidates are the living proof of that.
So do hope Usa citizens can look forward and vote on another option.

Priscilla Cox

@Carlos Loff, well it is Hamlet's private blog so he can do what he wants. Also, SL has a strong history of covering U.S. presidential politics, so I think this article is relevant to SL residents.

The Gary Johnson thing doesn't surprise me. The one thing Republicans and Democrats; liberals and conservatives can agree on: nobody likes those goofy libertarians.

Seriously they say stuffs like taxation is theft, abolish the IRS, get rid of SS & Medicare and a publicly funded school system. Everyone will just govern themselves..


Anarcho-Capitalism: anarchy for rich people. Head to Somalia, I hear that place is a no tax small government utopia.

David Cartier

Most people go "Libertarian, meh." Libertarians usually deserve that. They were throwing food, had a poetry slam and a male pole dancer at their national convention. The thing about Johnson is that - apart from legalizing all drugs - he's not really a Libertarian, any more than Trump is a Republican. Johnson is maybe more of an Eisenhower Republican. Weld is the most popular Governor that Massachusetts has ever had.
I'm not going to support Stein because she's a communist and a goddamned anti-Semite, and her VP choice is worse. Clinton is a lying, corrupt monster and Trump really is a certifiable lunatic. That doesn't leave a whole lot of choices unless we write someone in.


popular vote means nothing- it is the Electoral College just ask Al Gore---- Trump 2016

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