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Wednesday, August 17, 2016


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In 2006 who could foresee the disruption of 2007, when Steve Jobs held up that iPhone?

These are the sorts of technologies that overturn entire markets. And at the time of the iPhone announcement, I recall wags saying "oh, it's just a iPod with a phone. Big deal!"

I do not think VR will be the disruption that many techno-evangelists claim; it will be a profitable niche. Most disruptive tech comes out of nowhere or does what Jobs did: releasing something we did not know we wanted. We had smart phones before iPhone, but to my knowledge nothing that quite pulled all the functionality together. I put down my Palm V and never looked back.


a better full body VR interface, with full physics haptic feedback, with limited anti-gravity pad, think of a holographic version of movie 3d animation using real actors. With AR holographic menus and inventories. Yeah it's a pipe dream but it's a wish

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