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Tuesday, September 27, 2016


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Maybe the NDA states that you should not mention that you have signed an NDA, and that you shall henceforth deny all knowledge of any dealings with the top secret society LL, a little know branch of the infamous Illuminati:) Dan Brown is no doubt at this very moment working on a new title, The Sansar Code. I mean this is top secret stuff you realize, not just some potential VR entertainment system that at some point might actually need the support of the outside world which asks simple questions like is anyone working on it. Someone should do one of those Youtube Hitler videos where even Hitler can't get access to, or find out any information about the mysterious enigma that is, Project Sansar.

Shockwave yareach

Or perhaps there simply isnt a huge rush to move to sansar in the first place.

Shockwave yareach

Or perhaps there simply isnt a huge rush to move to sansar in the first place.


Yes, apart from the over 6500 content creators who already applied for early access, there is little or no interest at all.


The first rule about NDA, you do not talk about NDA.

Chic Aeon

Honestly. I have signed a few NDAs and many have said that the signee could not mention they were working for the company OR had signed an NDA -- let alone what the project was about.

Think about it from The Lab's point of view. Let's say 200 top name designers go over to try out the new platform. 20 decide it is for them and stay. Does The Lab WANT people to know that 180 left?

***I in no way believe these number might be fact, but it certainly makes sense not to broadcast ANY "failures" and to capitalize on the successes.***

This is only common sense in business. I am amazed you do not know that.


That might make some kind of convoluted sound business sense in many areas, but this whole Sansar thing is supposed to be the democratizing of VR, bringing VR tech into the sphere of the average creator, by a company that has a huge user base in SL who quite obviously are going to be gagging at the bit (even if they feign disinterest) to hear any news at all about what, like it or not, will be the successor to SL. When you act like you have a secret people become even more curious as to why. And who can blame them.

Wagner J Au

I work in Silicon Valley and have signed buttloads of NDAs. Saying, "I can't say anything more, I'm under NDA" is about as common as complaining about the weather.


So it's a pointless Survey then. Like that customs form question you get when flying into USA that asks" are you or have you ever been a member of a terrorist organisation" Although should the survey return negative we can at least assume that such a clause in the NDA exists :) this detective work is fascinating stuff. It's the kind of excitement I get around Christmas looking at the parcels under the tree and guessing what might be in them. Thanks LL, you're the best.

Harriet Jade

So a few things.

Linden Lab NDA's generally do NOT forbid the signee saying "I am under NDA". I have one, and it's boilerplate.

Now regardless of NDA's it's a known fact that some of the top creators in SL have relationships e.g. common events they run/same creators take part in and let's face it people talk.

Not a single whisper of any known SL creator who got the nod to take part.

So this closed Beta with no creators "involved with it" seems off.

I far suspect Linden are actually behind schedule, they may have 2 or 3 creators involved, but reality it is likely a shell game right now and will stay that way until end of year.

Example the dude on Twitter from LL who tweets out things like "Great Creator Meeting in Sansar today" - zero responses, minimal favorites. Lots of "fluff" like that going on.

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