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Monday, September 12, 2016


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sirhc deSantis

They have done an amazing job over the years, a lot of memories. Silly thing is, I never saw Lost Ocean - time to rectify that one.

Urge all to go take a long look around while its still there.


Gone, gone. Sad to see UWA scaling back.

I can recall all those sims that the U Texas system had.

I need to read more about this. We closed for budgetary reasons (LL's 2010 backstab-bump in tier) but I wonder what the administrative changes more. Our technologists, who supported our island, long ago moved on to other technologies. I don't think they even think of SL any more.

Val Kendal

Their support for the arts in SL was huge, this is very sad indeed.

Jay Jay Zifanwe

an 11th hour reprieve ..... and all of the 5 sims are alive through mid 2017 (in part thanks to a lot going on behind the scenes including SL residents making direct offers to UWA senior management to help keep the sims alive).

while all 5 sims are still there, 1 of those have transferred ownership to the University of San Jose although in operation will remain as it has been in the location it has been

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