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Friday, September 30, 2016


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I don't need a review copy. I'll buy one to support the author! I'll even order it from my locally owned bookstore, so he gets a bit more $$ than from that giant blob of a shopping site.

I'm looking for another VR/VW title for the next time I teach my course on the history & culture of Cyberspace. This concept sounds provocative enough. We've used Ready Player One and Snowcrash in years past.

metacam oh

will definitely pickup a copy, thanks for the heads up

madeline blackbart

I find it a weird concept that a future virtual world would be made entirely of avatars that look like your real world self. Surely some people would want that....but would everyone? When you could literally be anything no restrictions I find it strange to think everyone would want the same as they already have. That said interesting concept for a book for sure.


I agree, the whole point of VR is the ability to reach beyond the limits of RL. To explore the many other paths that are closed in RL due to the linear nature of RL.

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