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Monday, September 12, 2016


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What part of SL is not real? As far as I know SL exists entirely in the real world as will all future iterations. If the author is not completely immersed in the experience, that says more about the nature of experience than it does about SL.

Future virtual worlds may offer more richly detailed sensate experience than the present ones do, but they will not alter the characteristics of sensate experience.


SL is of course a real experience, too real in fact, because apart from the mental trick of transferring consciousness into the scene on the screen, same as one does with a book, or when watching a movie, you are really just sitting in a room staring at a monitor, book or tv screen . Surly the dreamed of goal of a true Virtual world is a far deeper whole body experience than that. An experience that convinces the mind that the virtual world is no less real than actual reality. The whole point of virtual reality I thought was that it is not real, it just convinces the mind and bodily senses that it is.
SL only offers a visual experience. However, I clearly remember being fully menatly immersed in that experience at times almost to the exclusion of the real world around me for hours on end. But only in my mind, somewhere I was always aware of still being in my seat in my room, more like a daydream. If this mental trick is to be the definition a virtual reality experience then we are already there. This is clearly not what those who bang on about VR are taking about. As far as the currant headsets are from ideal, I would admit they are a complete different experience to the flat visual experience of SL on a PC screen, and possibly a big step further down the path to Virtual reality. When people eulogize about VR after spending time in a headset it is because it really is something more than the passive experience we are used to. But it's just still only a visual thing. But I am happy to go with whatever we got right now, just drives me nuts hearing people talk like we are all going to jack into the Matrix in the next year or so :)


Different strokes forr different folks. I would add that more senses can be involved and visuals are a huge chunk of it.

No, I am not thinking this is enough for some but TV watching was always reffered to as escapism. Bettet escapism isn't such a bad thing...is it?

That is all VR is now, we lacked another word for it. It isn't the first bad naming of something. So chill, enjoy the Virtual Vision set, or VV. Yeah, I should have bee. called in to name it but they must be jelous of my naming skills.

Lars F. Jørgensen

I subscribe to JC sentiment that what we call VR today is a far step from the alternate realities described in books and movies. But how far are we really from being able to introduce a Matrix like experience? And does the fact that we do not yet have it, have more to do with a reluctance to take the steps needed?
There is two major parts to a VR experience, world creation and the sensory input.
Creating an endless free roaming 3D world takes a lot of processing power, but SL and Minecraft are not very good examples of what we are capable of today. Looking to current MMPOG’s and of curse more traditional PC games offers a glimpse of what a VR world could look like. And yes, it might be another 10 – 15 years before we see the merger of today’s graphics with virtual worlds like SL, but it is far from 100 – 200 years in the future.
VR glasses and treadmills are today’s virtual reality sensory inputs, but we are capable of so much more already. Implants that offers hearing to permanently deaf and sight to people that are blind are being used and improved at a fantastic rate. The advances in prosthetics, and the ability to connect them to nerves for ‘natural’ brain control, are also far along. Just with the technology available today it would be possible to create a very immersive experience, but is anybody ready to go that far too achieve this?
So, is the true immersive virtual experience hundreds or maybe thousands of years in the future. No, we are a lot closer that you would think, and many of the ‘technologies’ for the sensory inputs needed is being developed in other fields right now. I believe that we will see the first ‘test’ of this bio-technology combined with computer generated virtual world in the very near future. Commercial application might be 10 -20 years in the future, but no more than that.


I remember watching the first moon landing when I was a little kid, watching it at school on an old black and white TV with all the other kids, I had a Saturn rocket and moon lander Airfix kit, and it all seemed like we were in the space age, next stop Mars and colonization of the moon etc. That was getting on for 50 years back. A speck of time in the great scheme of things I know. I saw Bladerunner when it first appeared in 73 I think, and figured that 2019 must be plenty of time to get androids up and running, But right now with 2 years to go, I have stopped holding my breath. Wagner witnessed the first launch of SL and remembers, as do many more, that SL was going to change the world according to just about everyone you asked. I was the equivalent of a dedicated headset wearer back then spending 18 to 20 hours a day in what seemed like the Matrix even without fancy effects. It may well be true to say that in 10 to 20 years time at the extreme edge of VR tech some brave soul will apply to be the fist human to spend six months continually in a full body sensual Virtual world a la the Matrix or through a genetically engineered avatar like in the Avatar movie. The thing is it's not now, nor next week nor next years etc, etc. what we have right now is a small advancement on the visual entertainment scene that wows its audience in the same way that any fairground ride does, not a vast step forward in human evolution that is about to change the way in which we live,not yet anyway, and not in my life time no doubt. So to me it might as well be a million years in the future :)

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