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Thursday, September 08, 2016


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I think they all get a little bit too carried away with the fun and excitement of what they are doing down there at LL and forget that most people are more interested initially in the practicalities like cost and tech details. It is true that there are still a few months to go to release, but almost any other product would have by now been forced by its potential user base to reveal a little more hard core info on what you need and what it will cost. I would love to create stuff for Sansar, I would love to join in the excitement and fun, and have applied for the preview etc. But my creative enthusiasm will be killed dead in a moment were I to discover that LL intend to apply anything like the kind of pricing policy that more or less forced me to abandon most of my creative efforts in SL. At the present time the platform needs to be free from the Burdon of financial considerations until such a time as the user makes money from its use, as are all the other VR creation platforms of note at the moment.
Fleecing your user base before they even get a chance to try out your product, or discover if it is even possible to recover the cost of use, a la SL, should be rejected by the users. Trouble is SL content creators have got used to paying silly prices, and will no doubt endure it again should it turn out to be the same old story.

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