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Wednesday, September 21, 2016


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Lapiscean Liberty

Perhaps the peeps in Sansar right now are not allowed to tell you that or make Machinima according to their NDS, just a guess


As mentioned above there must be some kind of NDA thing going on, which is strange in a way because if you had top brands supporting your project wouldn't it be the sort of thing you would want to make public to fire up other potential users. And What annoys the hell out of me is that even now with only a few months to go there is almost no info at all on specifications for supported formats of meshes textures, any PBR support? Do I bake my textures? What kind of poly count are we talking about. Not even a "well as low as possible" or anything. Will there be any built in Terrain or vegetation creation system. And most important of all, how much is it going to cost me, roughly even ? Now I understand that LL have been burned to often to release info that gets shot down for being wrong eventually. But if it's to be released in 4 months, they must be well on top of the basics of what can and cannot be used. Any small company would be desperate to fire up their potential customers so that they are rearing to go on launch, so there is something weird about LL's whole attitude. It's either arrogance or apprehension, they either are so confident that SL users will back them whatever, or they have not much faith in what they have and don't want to put off even potential users by spilling the disappointing beans. Sorry about the rant, but I have a massive amount of stuff I could potentially port over to Sansar, what am I supposed to do, make every kind of version I can in the hope that one might be correct. The silence is is just plain silly from a professional company IMHO

Carlos Loff

After the SL experience and knowing we wont be able to transfer inventory and knowing there are options like Opensim, does anyone deeply consider investing time, contacts and much sweat in Sansar ? Masochists


I might not be a very big brand, but I certainly do plan on setting up a shop, or even just a neat little place to explore/hangout in Sansar once I get the chance.

Most of skills in content making is avatar related though atm, and I think it's currently in the backseat on priorities compared to the world building side of Sansar but that still won't stop me from trying!


It will largy depend on whether they provide a state of the art, client side vehicle system. Probably not on the short-term agenda...


Currently I own the store Lure in SL, definitely have plans for expanding into Sansar with what I am familiar and coming up with new things. However I have not been invited due to lack of 3D skills so I am currently learning 3D while finishing up next few skins.

Right now I have myself and another designer, but for Sansar I will have 1-3 programmers on projects. If the land ends up more affordable than on SL, then I will most likely end up running a Roleplaying sim as well.

Depending on what Sansar allows I will certainly look into giving my current SL customers some store credits or items on Sansar.

Vivienne Daguerre

I have a very old but moderately sized SL Business, Black Rose. I have saved all my Blender files, and once in Sansar, I will be able to export my items to whatever file system they support (likely .fbx I am guessing) and upload them to Sansar. You cannot move your inventory directly from SL to Sansar, but if you have saved your Blender files, you will be able to convert them and upload them to Sansar.

I expect I will be able to get non-scripted and non-clothing items into Sansar very quickly. Scripted items will take a little longer for I don't know if they will have their scripting library fully implemented when they open. For clothing, I would have to get their avatar skeleton and re-rig the clothing to that skeleton.

The short answer is yes, I do plan to set up shop in Sansar. I don't think it is going to be all that difficult to do so.


Sansar is a total wait and see proposition for me. The inventory is transition is huge. For example, I love Blueberry's stuff. (Probably to the tune of $50+ over the past year.) While I cannot expect Blueberry to care too much about that, they cannot really expect me to spend lots of money to get the same stuff back.

Looking at my own content (Mostly buildings and landscapes.) I do not have much desire to work on old stuff just bring it into Sansar, where presumably I will pay LL more to sell it. Nor am I willing to pay money to bring in to Sansar to restore former SL client's inventory.

I am sure the predicament is not lost LL. How they handle it will be a make or break thing for Sansar. Many folks have hundreds and hundreds of dollars in modern SL clothes and AV's. While I don't think many thought of this stuff as permanent; asking folks to give it all up at once will make many bitter.


Like many others I left SL due to the totally unfair pricing system, after putting up with it for years, and closed the last of many sims I had owned. So I am no LL fan in any way. But I am a fan of what SL was, and what the core users created there, regardless of a seemingly careless mismanagement by the owners of Creative people and their creations. However As far as I can see there is nothing remotely like it out there at the moment that offers the same potential level of total freedom and opportunity to create just about anything you please, in a massively diverse online world where just about anything could happen.
So it is a kind of naive hope I have, even though we are told that Sansar will be nothing like SL2, that the creative refugees from SL will somehow recreate it there in the "democratized" environment, and that is the reason I stick to my admittedly masochistic desires. LL could of course be determined not to let it go that way, but from what I can see it is only they who would suffer financially if they did.


This post should really read as

"Please Tell Me If You're Setting Up in Sansar?"

But this "journalist" clearly has no concept of politeness.

What do you teach your children for chrissakes?

sirhc deSantis

Of course:) Right along with the roadside diner I have ready for the Martian colonies...

Chic Aeon

I think it is unrealistic at this point for creators to commit (and indeed I thought your survey asking about going over was -- well let's just say WAY ahead of an appropriate time).

Are folks considering? Some are. Some have no interest at all (this from the folks I talk to; no official ballot).

Those following along with official reports know quite a bit by now, but not enough to make a firm decision. The first creators invited may have some idea, but that is a small number.

I am certainly interested in Sansar and did apply for early entry but I am a Blender gal, not Maya and so I knew that I would be further down the list if I made it onto said list at all.

My creations, in theory, should be easy to import. I did a lot of "porting" into Opensim over the last couple of years as well as building there, so I know what is involved. It isn't particularly creative or fun, just busywork. So, at this point I am mostly interested in how things work and making new things for that platform.

I love the idea of larger spaces, but I am a bit worried over some other of the info that has been released. So a balancing of scales at the moment for me. Still, I love to go into pioneer mode and have done it often on many platforms, so I will indeed BE their when the doors open.

*And yes, there are undoubtedly NDAs in effect, so you will only know who is NOT there now - ironic.*


Absent practical information on Sansar creation, content ecosystem, and economics I don't see how anyone could meaningfully commit.

Chic Aeon

It is also important to note that Hi Fidelity has been open for working and testing for almost a year and a half (open Alpha) whereas Sansar JUST opened for the first content creators last month.


Sorry I just have to post this again as I think my first comment got lost.

Regardless of the NDA LL use, not a single creator has said "I can't discuss" or used a roundabout way to say they are under a NDA and can't say.

In summary, there seems to be ZERO SL creators involved right now. Also the weird tweets from LL thanking creators for meeting up in Sansar have no responses...like a void.

Perhaps you can ask LL to comment on.

- How many creators were invited this month to Sansar Closed Beta.
- Are they providing their regular NDA for those in Beta.
- What is their target number for total creators during Beta and timescale to roll these out.

If it walks like a duck......

Wagner J Au

I've seen a few SL brand folks say they've signed an NDA, but to your point, not too many at all.

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