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Thursday, September 08, 2016


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Clara Seller

This is pretty impressive. I've found some mesh heads that I like, but I really miss having controls to just change a little here and there. This is going to be so nice.


I believe that Cool VL Viewer - Experimental Version, and Black Dragon Viewer, also currently support Bento besides the one mentioned.

Timo Gufler

This is interesting. Is LL still investing in their sunsetting platform, or are they just bringing Sansar features to the old one to make the future transition smoother?


I tried this out and it was very cool.

The amount of changes aren't as vast with the regular SL avatar but just enough to make the mesh head a bit more unique.

The only caveat I have is the one that is prevalent even now. Many mesh heads send your draw number over the big top red.


I think it would be smarter to model a Bento head from scratch around the default SL shape, rather than shoehorning it into an existing head.
The experiments with bento heads shown in earlier videos suggest it should be possible to make a mesh head that allows for almost the same degree of customization the default head offers.
This head, while cool, is far from that...

Kyla Vixen

But how these heads will look in the regular viewers? Is Bento about the Appearance controls mostly ?
Took one to review myself, thanks!

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