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Wednesday, October 26, 2016


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The differences in attitude and approach between the developers of HiFi and Sansar are just so amazingly different. This just makes me smile :)

metacam oh

Ebbe does realize that you install servers for Minecraft right? A game bought by over 15 million people.


Every time I see an article here about HiFi I am tempted to go over there re install it and check it out. This I just did. It definitely improves some each time I go, but it still has a huge mountain to climb if it is intending to be a leading platform for VR. I know, I know, it is just starting out and all that. Give it a chance and in a few month, maybe years, all will be fine. But even so, as a content creator I get this horrible sickening feeling in my gut at being back at square one again after all these years.
And what have you got at the end of the day?
What have you got to take away?
The same old story and a new set of lies
Blinds on the window and a pain behind the eyes

Amanda Dallin

The HiFi avies I've seen are just too cartoonish for my taste.

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