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Tuesday, October 11, 2016


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Yes I have to admit that Phil and HF have none of the bloated over funded, commercial, aggressive feel of almost all the VR platforms. Makes a pleasant change. I still think though that if possible HF should attempt to impress people a bit more with better avatars. These cartoon type characters are a complete turn off.

Carlos Loff

Only getting Inworld will show what it brings, if you watch the old SL Main trailer you will see Avatars doing stuff they can not do, unless you prepare loads of tricks and video editing, like for example one guy entering a place and shaking hands with another

I tried to get in but the LAG was so so so much that I couldn´t even zoom my view with mouse wheel and I run SL and OS pretty fast with graphs above average


The avatars are basically fine, tens of millions of virtual world users (gamers!) identify daily with cartoon-style avatars. Even SL avatars are not the least bit realistic, we've just trained our minds in years and years to perceive them as such...
Using more abstract avatars is probably a good choice while the technology is still immature, to avoid uncanny valley issues...


VR is running before it can crawl for sure. It would be so refreshing to hear some kind of truthful state of the art pitch from anyone. It may well be that VR is the future of all online commercial media and entertainment. But anyone buying into it right now is just fantasizing big time about the reality of the product. Even if VR is to become all that these financial vampires declare it to be, then the smart move would be to wait, and watch, until the pathetic hype gives way to some form of sanity.

Carlos Loff

Again I make John C exactly my words, he resumed acvurately whay I have been concluding from this crazy hype


Well, I went there not long ago, and even the basics of moving around is clumsy. I literally left after 5 min. The video is simply showing the HF developers screwing around. For the average joe on the net, there is nothing to do there. I'm an experienced 3D artists and nothing there excited me at all. Their Marketplace is a joke. They obviously aren't ready for any kind of real community or productive work. I was there over a year ago, and it's not much different today than it was then.

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