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Friday, October 07, 2016


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I honestly don't mean to keep dissing these images that Keep appearing, but when you are developing something new such as Sansar, and when you act in a totally secretive way about the product, then anything you release deserves critical attention. There is absolutely nothing special about this image that would warrant it being released as special in some way, as far as I can see. If I were in second life right now I could go there and in an hour or so, maybe a lot less, I could come up with a shot that looked easily as good as this, if not better. In fact I could go take some shots in Arronmore that was featured in a post here the other day and get more atmospheric impressive shots than this. This is not to discredit the creator of this scene, but I ask what it is that is being demonstrated here. I guess because the lighting in SL was so dreadful they are totally blown away by anything that now has decent lighting. But in the big wide world of game engines this is absolutely bog standard stuff. And how come all these pictures are distance shots through the haze. If they wanted to impress, how about some close up shots of materials in action, or if they must be distance, what about some ideas about landscaping, trees, grass, water etc. We can all make or buy meshes, what we want to know is what the engine itself will bring to the party to help us out. Ok so we have some standard lighting, but what else do we get.

Harriet Jade

Do we know what renderer they are using?

As frankly that looks WORSE than SL.
And compared to Cry Engine or Unity.... well...

sirhc deSantis

'Where do You want to go today?' oops wrong ad :)

And dammit I told em I can make doors too!

fo shizzle my fizzle

Rumor has it the Firestorm Team is preparing to launch a custom viewer for High Fidelity,something that cannot be done for Sansar besides plugins if that, then only if they ask pretty please with sugar on top.

Sandra from Sansar

Why is there a homebase door floating in front of the ruins of an English abbey. Why is everything blurry and over bloomed.

Simple Man

Here is an inspiring door!!come on Linden Lab!who is your art director running this?

http:// wallpapers4ipad. com/fantasy-ipad-wallpapers/heaven-door/
(Remove the two spaces in link for it to work)

Simple Man

@ JohnC

Agree 100% while having already heard several unmentioned viewer techs in the know in the last few months state they were disappointed with the lighting engine in Sansar ..Not a good sign!

Blue Mars 2.0 ? or Cloud Party Hangover ?

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