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Friday, October 14, 2016


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Marianne McCann

Maybe keep an eye on Patch Linden's profile feed... or check out those billboards in Bay City... or think back to things Patch said in the last Lab Chat session...

Carlos Loff

A brothel world, so they capture and drop all the pimps into a same area and "free" SL from adult content, it will be a getto for perverts, witch it may turn it a very interesting intense place, lol, it will be the official first step to antagonize users and make them move into Sansar, lol


They are preparing a giant orgy for SL's closing down event, with mandatory participation.


Sansar does not work and it is time to develop SL again for it is a secure incom?


Shades of " What is China building in the south China Sea" this is what happens when you become a super state that can command unquestioning silence and obedience from it's workers :)

Connie Arida

Every person with an opinion about a place they have never been to( guess which) will get sent there for a time so as they may contemplate their navels for a change


That place is never big enough to fit the whole whole of humanity on, no way.


Keep SL going for the red-light trade? It's got to bring in the $$$, especially if it is not going to be part of Sansar.

I'd be surprised if the Lab even had a Plan B if Sansar bombs.

Pussycat Catnap

A lot of that looks like housing.

There is a very big market for A rated housing. A lot of Zindra has basically turned into housing plots over time. A lot is also garrish clubs and posh venues... Its kind of a wild mix.

I would love to live in a themed housing spot where I could avoid the garrish clubs and just have the nice houses and not have to worry about putting clothes on my avatar when she stepped out.

But... even if not that. I could see a lot of potential for A-rated housing sims.

I've long felt we need two A-ratings. One for the sensual and a different one for violence.
- I'd love to see things like the build behind one of my lots that is about lynching women that misbehave be moved "somewhere else" or for me to have an A-continent that did not see them as the same kind of content as the (admittedly garrish, but not offensive) 'poseball themepark' on the other side of my build...

I don't think Linden Lab is capable is seeing that difference... so I don't think this is it...

But it does look like housing...


Perhaps LL is making a go at a first-person-shooter friendly region that the standing LLCS armies have wanted for years, with fixes or at least alleviation of the lag issues common in combat.

Alternately, A-housing for subscribers who prefer closer relationships in SL without having to rent from oft-unreachable landlords or unenforced rental agreements.

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