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Wednesday, October 26, 2016


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Carlos Loff

Squeezing the dying chicken for a few more golden eggs

sirhc deSantis

Not to worry Ser Loff, as you have pointed out over at HGB these are not valuable people, being SLers and all :)

Pussycat Catnap

There have been premium sandboxes in SL for years. Is there anything new to these ones?

And this is a reflection of the disjunction between SL devs and users - that reflects that Hamlet might be more inline with the devs in some regards.

SL Sandboxes are not that popular with the users.

Yes they have traffic in some of them, but its small. Most people who use these things just use them to rez out big sets of prims and find something...

Builders use their own land. Premium users use their own land. And non-builder premium users tend to want a home and or shop, and not much more.

I don't see any problem with them adding Sandboxes - though they already have so many that most of them sit empty almost all the time...

It is not "the best part of Second Life" though. :)

As much as they annoyed me, Linden Homes are where they user demand is at.

Aliasi Stonebender

I dunno, the public sandboxes are usually fairly busy, right until some wiseacre decides to rez some kind of viewer-crashing thing. The Premium sandboxes are nice just for that... and they're useful to build, too.

But then, I remember the bygone age where pretty much everyone in SL at least did a little building, even if they weren't 'pros'.

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