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Thursday, October 20, 2016


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The biggest thing I see to shake my head over is "Real world companies will be incubated, developed, and in large part run in the metaverse". Major corporations drank that cool aid. And will be forever timid to put a toe in the water again, in spite of Facebook's $2B investment. VR and gaming has always been a small entrepreneur's turf. Always will be. The best a major company will get from that is to place ads in popular VR communities that develop like town squares and bazzars. Places that you will always have at least 6 to 12 participants round the clock. Because in spite of immersive tech, it is STILL the same core group that will drive VR in the next two decades. AR should be the transformative tech that corporations get behind.


VR will be like Second life and the rest of vr worlds something for the very few. But of course we are always wrong with predictions.


I am with Joey 100%

Pussycat Catnap

But, but, but...

In 2026 everything we be done in the VRverse.

Even babies will be conceived in there by transmitting the DNA of the male through a 3D printer to the female and injecting 'printed sperm' all while neither ever leaves the VRverse.

Species will be saved.
Global Warming will be solved.
Poverty will end.
Racism will end because people will be digital cubes.
The Aliens will arrive and join us in a VR orgy.

All by 2026.

Certainly it will solve everything.


What is actually more interesting is how LITTLE has changed since 2006...

I think we're hitting a point where even as the technology changes speed up - we've managed to consume it into our cultures in a manner now that keeps it from effecting real change at a pace faster than we have evolved to be able to handle...

We have adapted to its pace, by slowing its impact.

2026... the only thing different will probably be another half hour added onto my commute in traffic...

sirhc deSantis

'LOL OMGWTFBBQ' best thing you ever wrote - te salutant kkthx =^^=


"I think we're hitting a point where even as the technology changes speed up - we've managed to consume it into our cultures in a manner now that keeps it from effecting real change at a pace faster than we have evolved to be able to handle..."
Now this is IMHO a great observation, and explains why throughout history mankind has been able to remain essentially the same being regardless of huge technological advances.

sirhc deSantis

Yes, more serious response - Ser Catnap basically nails it. The last 10 years have not actually brought up anything new, just made it cheaper. Two things of the top of my balding head - the IOT was x10 and exploding batteries - I still have one in my sadly moribund T60 (kept as a curio).
We have seen some 'huge technological advances' just not recently. Wheres my jetpack BTW? (Being 50+ is fab)

Carlos Loff

People spend countless hours in Browsers, even grandmothers - The moment Virtual Worlds cab be visited just by clicking a link on Facebook abd quickly choosing an avatar and entering that world still in browser, with no more interruptions or registers or whatever - Virtual Worlds will explode to the Millions


Your jet pack, my flying car, my Pleasure model Darrel Hannah lookalike replicant, which I admit still has 3 years to make its incept date, are all things I feel sure will be with us over 50's at some point, least in time for us to watch them on the news from a comfy chair in our retirement homes after a good few years residency. But that is the benefit of age, to some at least, they get used to these "the future is now "announcements, and put what is being announced on that same list with the jet pack and flying car etc. And BTW I know there are perfectly functioning examples of jet packs and flying cars in existence at the moment you just can't get them on Amazon yet. Even with Prime.


In 2010, I predicted SL would be irrelevant by 2016 as would most VR bloggers.

I'm 100% right.

Giulio Prisco

Nice memories!

I think we extrapolated our own enthusiasm to everyone else, and that was wrong. Most people didn't, don't, and probably won't give a damn about VR, Oculus or not.

For many people, the great thing about the internet is that it permits asynchronous and semi-synchronous communications. You can have some sort of communication with others without really paying attention, and many people love that.

Why should they want to go back to attention-hungry synchronous communications?

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