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Tuesday, November 01, 2016


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Amanda Dallin

"Maybe this generation will finally learn from previous one, but I'm not holding my breath."

No I wouldn't hold your breath. Human nature doesn't change. We aren't better or smarter than our ancestors. We've just built our technology on top of theirs. We have better stuff but we're not better people.

Patchouli Woollahra

"If I pee on your head, it is because I am standing on top of my ancestors' piled corpses" -wisdom by the great barbarian Isaac Newton.


I think it is pretty obvious that LL would have solved this problem by now if it were possible, they of all companies have had the greatest opportunity to do so. It would have been to their absolute benefit financially and socially to have done so. So the fact they have not obviously indicates that it is next to impossible in an on line open world. Of course you cannot say this, you must always keep on fighting like you mean to win. It is possible to have online games in which there is no griefing at all, but you get this by shrinking social interaction so much that it is not really worth having it. Anonymity is a huge part of the cause. Almost all griefers would not grief in real life. But imagine the mass exodus from SL if we were all suddenly made to wear a verified RL pic, use voice only and have or real name and address open for public view. then the griefing would stop on line. But the stalking would begin big time in RL.

Jumpman Lane

Ive known my fair share of griefers. They were actually as a rule kind of cool people in quieter times. However, if your were trying to do anything serious at all they became irritating as their stated goal was to disrupt your fun. The very worst griefers of all were the ones who 'carried water" for their annointed leaders. Tizzers Foxchase was actually a cool person. Her flunkies most uncool. The leaders of those furry tards of Poland were mildly amusing (when they were being orbited across a sim): yet, their gesturing flunkies were not.

As an aside the now (sadly to some) dead one-time leader of The PN was unquestionably a douche.

Linden Lab did an enviable job of breaking the organized griefer groups. Even creating such a thing as the Governance Team showed a willingness on the Lab's part to police their lil virt world. LL definitely paved the way with respect to combatting griefing in games.


Anyone who has ever run a successful sim in SL, has masses of hard core experience of dealing with the griefer problem that the new wave of VR entrepreneurs will confront at some point. And they should pay attention to their experiences. But serious griefers are like social hackers, their one purpose in life is to defeat any challenge you present them with, they do not want you to stop trying to defeat them. That would just be boring, they need to know that you are competing with them, that gives them a reason to carry on.

Tizzy Canucci

Well, that was dull griefing attack. Having been a Guardian on a publicly accessible sandbox, I've often seen and heard denser, uglier and far more vile griefing attacks. Creativity comes with a destructive element, but I'd rather that than corporate, sanitised, blandness. I'm rather more concerned with hate speech and personal attacks, something which can be far less visible (or not in the case of twitter)


Seriously? If the fricken management teams were more than white boys, this problem would be dealt with quickly and rationally.

But none of these series A investment target founders bros have the balls to just step up and be a frickin leader. The bro vulture capitalists keep the bro culture alive and wealthy. The bro culture is killing the soul of silicon valley.

Here is a clue...Get some women and minorities on the board. And on the management team. They won't need to discover this problem in an expensive focus group. They already know what it's like to be "griefed." It's not a cute freedom of speech experience to them. It's personal and it needs to be stopped. And if you allow "griefing" your customers are going to leave your product in the dust because who the hell needs that crap?

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