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Wednesday, November 30, 2016


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Cool! It will be interesting to learn more details about how this came about with LL. Thanks for updatig us, Hamlet.

Also, FYI, the Lost Gardens of Apollo were rebuilt a while ago in OpenSim by Delphi Bernard with approval by Dane. You can visit it here:
Video tour here: https://vimeo.com/172489530

It's one of those beautiful and historic places that refuses to go gentle into that good night... ;)

Han Held

It's worth mentioning that Delphi Bernard also has an SL region dedicated to that build too -at Sorbon Beach.


I suppose theoretically LL does not have to ask the original builder if they can do this kind of thing. I guess they did in this case.


One of the comments on Newser seems to imply that Dane Zander did not know about this.

Alan Cyr

Wonder if the rebuild also includes the Blue Boy Club? It was 3000m up in one of the corners of the sim. It was the first or second gay club in SL I ever went to, some ten years ago.


It's as if LL just found the sim on a sever and thought, hey lets throw this back into the mix. Most of the animations don't work, there is no music stream. The dance area has no dances. The magic has gone, as I guess one would expect. The only people I see there are 10 year old Avatars, like myself looking for a hit of nostalgia, which of course they get. But really it is only a tribute to the way things were long ago, and like returning to places from the past in RL or SL, they tend to make you more sad for what has been lost. Sometimes, as much as we long for the past, it is better left as a memory.

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