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Friday, November 25, 2016


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Flashing Merlin

Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI) holds a discussion group on the last Sunday of every month. Usually we pick current science news as topics, however with Trump picking a climate change denier to head the EPA transition, this Sunday we're giving everyone a chance to vent about Trump's election.

10 am SLT to 11 am, 11/27 at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Quat/137/88/54/

Carlos Loff

http://www.loffvirtualworld.com - Thank you

Carlos Loff

It would be great to be able to delete or edit our won posts

http://www.loffvirtualworlds.com - Thank you


Building Alone? If social capital exists from communing and doing things together, like some of the old prim building speed build competitions or just hanging out building in the sand boxes of yore in SL, then what would people like to have in a cooperative building environment?

EDIT: No edit on this, sorry the punctuation and spelling is suspect in this bit) but just a thought and not intending for anything to come of it. A "why not" moment as I read about social capital in another tab :).

Prims are maybe not enough, possibly a mesh to prim conversion that ends up with vertex, face and edge manipulation would be nifty. NURBS would be the easiest, turbosplines seem to have a nice system. Not saying license it, but an example of NURBS and other easy to manipulate and create systems. The idea is easy and yet powerful.

I remember a project called "Smooth Teddy" that was use by a Japanese professor. Archipeligo designer (or was it another name?) and Smoothie-3D may offer something similarly easy to use. They use drawing or strokes etc. to help people make shapes easily. Some like Sketchup for instance, many users have used it. It was free and seemed fun to use for many people and gained a following with a different, well less real-time or hangout-ish, community. If building, sharing and looking at models exists then maybe a very similar tool would be a great addition to a virtual world/reality environ?

Also, some get upset and may say Sansar wouldn't do it or SL isn't the sames without prims as the main building system and yet non jumped on the lucrative (hey, social capital lucrative at least if not financially so?) opportunity to find a replacement. I think even Blender has a link thing where two or so people can share the environment and work on something. That may require levels of trust quasi-anonymous places don't have but something similar may work. Don't bloggers already sort of do this when they all share a challange? They are kind of reaching out beyond, community activity and a connection is made. Maybe this isn't social capital as people see in world environment sharing but shows the spirit and will is there. Intent converts to action when tools and channels are provided? Build it and they will build in it?

Just designing spaces is fun and creative, so maybe modeling doesn't have to be there for creative spaces to provide a means for people to commune and build. So, the future is maybe good for social capital in the virtual reality that will contain worlds. World building is creative, and if the world provides means for non world creators to impress and express and leave a mark maybe things will be even better? Either way, some really do miss the prim building and safety to experiment (regardless of early works that where proclaimed great art, Starax's works for instance) and create together.

Han Held

I'd like to shill for what I think is an interesting project.

Truelie Telling is putting together a musical in opensim -which is interesting enough (at least to me), but what makes it special is that she's recruiting folks from all over the hypergrid.

I'd invite you to watch this project, and if you have the skills by all means help out!


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