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Wednesday, November 16, 2016


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Marianne McCann

A bit late for the train here: Linden Realms and PaleoQuest also have L$ payouts.


Cutting edge graphics yet again. I mean, who, outside of SL users, would not want to play this amazing looking game! the voice acting spectacular. Would love to see it on Steam, if only to read through the rave reviews :)

Carlos Loff

I deeply feel like launching a crazy crowdfund to gather a few millions and buy SL from LL, than turn it into a decent platform, building a huge team just for real customer service and make ALL DAMM prices go down for one third and still profit for an huge margin - launch an international conference to hear everyone and tune it all up accordingly and end this damm incompetence that nowadays can barely harness one fourth of users and creators capacity and motivation - I would eat down the belky all other hyped competitors - Crazy measures make crazy heavens, sometimes

Carlos Loff

The most ironical thing, as WE all know deep down on our conscience is that - IT IS STILL NOT TO LATE, AT ALL

Clara Seller

I kinda agree with Carlos Loff. No, I don't think that it's too late for SL. I do think that the platform needs help. I think the base avatars need elevated and the prices need to come down. The biggest growth opportunity that has been squelched is for the ability of residents to bring their real life friends and family into this broken mess. I'm willing to help someone I know, for a few evenings. learn the ropes. But right now, SL requires that everyone is born handicapped and has to make their way to society through surgery, Prosthesis, and grueling rehabilitation. Only to face a life of extremely expensive care. What's not to love about that?


Clara, great analogy, made me smile :)

Chic Aeon

I completely agree with the comments you quoted --- since they were MINE. Note that *Blogging SL* is a FEED (one that I no longer feed into on purpose but looks like it is still happening).

The original article you quoted from plus a lot of research is here: http://chicatphilsplace.blogspot.com/2016/11/linden-labs-new-mainland-experience.html

As mentioned by a previous comment Linden REALMS have been paying out money for years and at one time you could make a real life US buck a day without a lot of effort. The realms are still the most popular destination for those actually wanting to make some money -- even though the rezzing of premium crystals has been cut back a bunch.

Since only those with payment info on file, payment info used AND lindens purchased can get the RANDOM money payouts in the new game (like what 10 linden? Don't know as I haven't found many people playing) the number of folks that can automatically play for money is low -- and most likely the folks in that category are not all that interested. Put in some useful prizes like hair or shoes or jewelry and there might be more folks playing for the prizes.

I am having a difficult time wondering why that last "purchase of lindens" was added (other than that would bring a bit of cash to The Lab from fees).

Very nice area though.

Wagner J Au

Good point on Linden Realms paying out L$ prizes too, I had missed that. Kinda curious why LL is not marketing this aspect more.


what happened to the idea that 'gambling wasn't allowed' and they shut all those sims down ? .. or is this not 'gambling' ?

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