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Wednesday, November 02, 2016


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Pussycat Catnap

The screenshots above were for an 1152 I have an a Linden Home I grabbed today just to take that shot. They don't show my 1024m double prim - you can go all over Bay City and just look at the prims on lots to see how its effected those.

Overall this is really great news for everybody. I hear it will or has spread to estates as well.

Pussycat Catnap

I still plan to be super prim conscious with my stuff on my land though. This will just let me have more things rather than more primmy things. :)

Chong Kaixiang

Plenty of alternative SL-similar OpenSims are offering way more than 15k prims per full sim. SL still offers things no Hypergrid can match, but this is a welcome boost.

Hopefully the lack of this boost on private sims is a issue of needing to give private sim owners a heads-up so they can adjust their rental costs per prim. I imagine there will be quite a revolt if this is kept to only sims on the mainlands, given that they pay much more per sim than mainlanders

Carlos Loff

COME... To the dark side !!! Opensim empowers you...

Mietoo Sents

This is great news, and commercially a much less risky step than simply reducing prices.

I also really like how this article combines useful factual information with perky breasts.

10/10, would zoom again.

ToySoldier Thor

The fear I have with this LL gift is that for the past six months the lag at any popular Sims and events has become horrible.... Not sure why and what caused this recent lagfest on the grid....

But now with 50% more sim prims... Sim owners will add more content and make the lag at these sims even worse!!

So unless LL has overhauled and is releasing alot more server power on the grid to deal with this lag... This gift will likely become more of a problem!

HALEY Salomon


Pussycat Catnap

Present day la is actually very easy to track the source of.

If you use either the official viewer, firestorm, or any other TPV that supports the 'Complexity' feature mess with its settings so you can see the Complexity of those around you.

Its avatars. And too many people are refusing to lower their complexity.

You should never be above 150,000. Should try to get below 80,000. And the lower you can get it, the less lag you will be causing to other people around you.

Complexity is mostly driven, in order, by the following issues:

1. Too many semi-transparent flexi prims. It is extremely hard for a graphics engine to math out layers of transparency in a moving object. The more of them you stack into a space - the worse it gets. This is mostly old hair and dresses.

2. Badly made mesh. If you model in 3D you will learn that the simple pattern you align triangles in will greater effect how hard it is to render. Builders that make things you need to rez are starting to figure this out - or they "get around it" by using LOD tricks to lower 'land impact' on an item that is actually still laggy when close up... (as in, most gatcha items that seem to come from people buying the models from art sites where they're not optimized because they're for art renders).

3. Scripts. And this one in today's SL is actually a distant third. Some even argue it actually has no impact anymore...

Having more prims will not impact the first issue much. If people use their prims to fill out items from gatcha sales, assuming they buy badly made gatchas (and most people can't tell the difference)... then the second factor will be an issue.

The third factor is almost all about avatars. BUT it also usually comes into play because the avatars push us across the line already set by rezzed items. Like in a sim I love to go to - which is a mix hangout and sailing spot. The boats take up a LOT of script time because most of the people with boat lots ignore the request to disable their scripts... and then when avatars show up it all gets to be too much. The owner keeps trying to get the avatars to sit somewhere further from the boats (setting up lots of nice spots on an adjacent sim), but the sim community likes to stand around the landing spot and chat... So lag happens...

Han Held

As someone who's lived on mainland most of my time in SL I gotta say -hooray!

I'm not sure it's going to end up creating more premium accounts, but I'm not about to tell LL that!

Pussycat Catnap

Since they plan to roll it out to estates too, its pretty much a balance - it might get more people to be interested in getting land, but it probably won't favor premium over renting.

Some land barons are raising listing prices right now - but that too will settle soon because everybody gets this bonus so if A raises it saying he has more prims, B doesn't because she is selling me the same number of prims, and I go buy from B, A sees it, and lowers his price back down to normal market rate in a month or two.

Amanda Dallin

I"m sure LL would like to attract more premium customers but this seems more like a way to retain people in SL.


hello am premium customer but the mainland am on had not double prims maybe thats ways everyone is leaveing the sim i cant leave and it will take a long time to sell if the land is not double prims. Am trying to get rid of land but it will not happen now i bet

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