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Tuesday, November 08, 2016


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Han Held

It's weird as hell.

12 noon, and I don't see any real activity at the Hillary headquarters in Bay City. ( http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bay%20City%20-%20Argos/38/246/26 ) Just some noobs running around and one Jill Stein "protester" standing outside.

Apart from that, it was strangely empty. I would have expected to see at least a few people hanging out and sharing election results. Or more anti-Hillary griefing.

All's quiet, tho. Maybe people are just that burned out?


I vote that you end this bogus blog and spend actual time with your kid.

Clara Seller

There's been an eery absence of yards signs, bumper stickers, and other election paraphernalia in my usually enthusiastic very blue state. It would probably be smart to collect some because they might be rare. This election feels like Christmas without lights, trees, and presents.

aussie citizen

Watching channel 7 Australias' coverage of the U.S election....Donald Trump states pre-election that the election is "rigged".I then see an interview with Rudy Guiliani and the journalist suggests that should Trump become President then Guiliani would almost certainly be offered a position in his administration,Guiliani then says that he would be interested in that possibility but was more than happy working as head of his cyber security company...I put 2&2 together and then wonder if I watched too many episodes of Scandal or is life really imitating art?


Wikipedia has a new definitive definition of the "existential observation" "Shit happens"

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