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Thursday, December 29, 2016


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Stuart Goddard

If ASMR is another way of saying 'rubbing it to a hot voice', then I ASMR'd to completion.


I have an extremely opposite reaction to ASMR. For me it causes a physically uncomfortable feeling that can border on painful and I get an urge to throw things.

I did watch some of this video and Strawberry Singh doesn't seem to have the pain inducing whisper voice. At least I only had a mild reaction to her s sounds. She sounds more like NPR host...Which is also hard for me to deal with.

I feel weird having this reaction to ASMR because I haven't come across anyone else who has a reaction like mine.


Beatrix. I absolutely hate some of the close to the mic, clicky saliva-y mouth sounds. For me, the right voices and sounds are relaxing. Some people have very whispery soft voices with no disgusting mouth sounds. They are so relaxing to me. Other squishy sounds and eating noises etc make me have the reaction you have. Like nails on a chalkboard. The worst kind! But some people like that. I guess everyone's wired differently.

Go listen to MissChloeASMR on YouTube and see if you have the same reaction as this video. The clicky mouth sound at the beginning of this video...Couldn't hit the pause button fast enough.


Lisa I've listend to a bunch of different ones and I have the same reaction. It's not so much the saliva mouth thing (although it's an issue) but the whispers make the voices "feel" like they have no weight and it's like having a light creepy touch behind me where I can't see and .."get it off! get it off!" is another reaction I havwe to ASMR videos.

I also feel the need to listen to "hard" sounds or something with "weight".

With MissChloeASMR I had the same reaction.

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