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Thursday, December 15, 2016


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Stuart Goddard

Give me free money so you can see my 'virtual' art?

Yeah nah.

Clara Seller

The good news is the Bryn Oh now has more prims.

I wouldn't object to a quiet LL bailout of Bryn Oh. I'm not really a SL art enthusiast, but it just seems to make good business sense to me. There's no denying this artist has generated a good amount of quality publicity for the company who is on the cusp of launching a big project that feels like it's backfiring a bit on the runway. Isn't there a mutually beneficial deal to be made here? I think I'd offer some gratuitous canvas to let this person generate some visuals that I could use in promoting.


@ Clara

And this is why the Lindens revival of the Apollo Lost Garden sim was such a bad idea. If they can do it for one worthy sim; why not others? What about the wonderful Spencer Art Museum, now unavailable?

But where does it stop? Imagine if had proposed a scheme where residents could nominate, say, one sim a month for preservation (subject to owner agreement of course) ? I'd have been a vigorous supporter.

Bryn Oh has many supporters, she'd have a good chance of winning such a competition. win-win.

Cathartes Aura

Linden Lab has been doing this kind of thing since 2006. A small handful of people win. And the rest of us 99%'rs lose. Whether it's grandfathered tier, the Atlas program, or saving this build.

It's corrupt. ;)

And for the last 10 years this corruption has gotten us to where we all are now. Watching our wonderful world slowly die.

And it all could have been avoided... That is the kicker. Thanks Again, Mitch Kapor!

And the Turkey Buzzard goes... Hiss

Clara Seller

You know I actually agree with BavidD and Cathartes Aura. The obvious solution is fair pricing. I guess I just didn't have the energy to say it originally.

Making a deal with the devil seemed preferable to begging. There's no sense in even expecting dignity when you are dealing with the fracking corporate greed mentality. You won't be able to survive begging because your donors are going down the drain with you. So if fairness is off the table and you want to survive a little longer, you dance the corporate shimmy. At least Bryn Oh has some goods to shake on the floor.


All my art money went to elect Trump.


Bryn's work is fabulous. But this is the dilemma of all of us in sl. Want to rent a sim? You have to pay for it. So while I'm sure many are able and willing to help her raise funds, maybe she could sell some her items to raise money also. Artists for generations have had to figure out ways to finance their work, whether by selling or obtaining grants or finding a benefactor. and if that can't be achieved then perhaps it's time to find a new canvas to create in or on.

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