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Monday, December 05, 2016


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I do not understand why Linden lab havent done this before? In this game it is all about content. And nice to see that the old SL saying "keep your drama for your lama" for once work.


“I do not understand why Linden lab haven't done this before?” 
You mean re open other peoples sims without their permission?
This is such an obviously bad case to demonstrate the dreadful nature of the premise.
But hands up anyone who really believes that it is all fine and dandy for LL to re use anything they find on their servers without the permission of it's original creator.
Ok, I know that Dane Zandor could not be more overwhelmed and ecstatically pleased that this LL have bestowed this honor upon his sim. This is great for him, could not be better.
Can we now then assume though that this is it.
They did this one time only, because they had a sneaking feeling that the creator would be over the moon with the decision they had made without his consent.
And can we rest easy knowing that, should he have objected, the sim would have been immediately closed down again.

Aliasi Stonebender

Do note the Terms of Service allow LL a license to use anything any user makes at any time. You agreed to them when you sign up, and you keep clicking 'agree' when the periodic changes crop. (It's also self-evidently a necessary one, too, since admins need to be able to use admin tools; 'things people make' include spam stuff and griefing items, after all.)

Why, over on the test grid I've seen brief glimpses of the Suffigium sim *I* used to help run brought up for one reason or another. At no time did it bother me because apparently, unlike many SL users, I understood the above.


Well I understood the TOS too, but didn't have a lot of options when they were amended to allow this sort of thing. I could have bailed out and lost my time/sweat/love investment, true. I chose not to, but don't have to like it.

I just made a quick tour of the revived sim. I noticed
a) sim is owned by Dane Zander
b) every object I checked was owned by Dane also
c) the shops that I recall have been striped out
d) the donate bowl has a floating text, saying it used to be donations bowl.

It was empty apart from myself, it was odd to be alone in Apollo Gardens.

Cathartes Aura

The more I read about this the funnier it gets. For the sycophants - Is there any amount of water you won't carry for LL? LMAO!!!

So, a badly run company that has consistently made one bad decision after another over the last 10 years has come up with a yet another terrible idea.

For all the braindeads - this is a trial balloon. They are floating the idea that LL has the right to seize your property or assets anytime it wants without compensating you.

LL and their sycophants argue that they have the right to take your land, avatar, and entire inventory for themselves without paying you.

For example, they argue that they can seize a build you payed for yourself out of your own pocket and use it to benefit themselves.

And they are absolutely right about that. According to the TOS they can do exactly that. But the question that is hanging out there is - Should LL be doing this?

For a badly run company that is bleeding profusely from self-inflicted wounds, this is one more example of their extreme arrogance and hubris.

How does this help retain those residents still active in SL, and still spending real money, if they know anything they do here can be seized and used by LL or their competitors.

Back in the high flying days, when they were the only "game" in town they might have gotten away with this.

Nowadays this is seen for what it is - one more insane and desperate move by a company that seems determined to put itself out of business.

Keep up the good work, Mitch Kapor! LMAO!!!

And the Turkey Buzzard goes... Hiss. ;)


Aliasi Wrote:Do note the Terms of Service allow LL a license to use anything any user makes at any time. You agreed to them when you sign up,

My Reply:This is how years of all my hardwork was stolen being put on the marketplace.! the private region I owned was locked down from day one..no one ever seen my creations with zero chance they could be stolen "Wrong I was" In august all my work was flooded onto the marketplace as gatchas with even slick advertisement from another resident going so far as creating an entire store with 'my stuff'
so how did this happen one might ponder..well I closed my region a year ago then sometimes afterwards the lindens decided to put it up in the beta grid were copybotters lurk ready to steal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'Thanks Linden Lab and no matter what you say...I own my creations..PERIOD!


As I understood it that huge TOS change was imposed for legal reasons, LL could make sure they were not sued to death at some future point. Now I don't blame them for that at all, I don't like it, but I can understand it in a way. However, I never thought that they would ever actually consider treating my stuff as theirs. Funny thing, yesterday I was looking at a brand new build on the what's hot now list, and there is this big container ship sticking right out front of it, a ship that I built way back in 2006 which was ripped off from my sim, of course it no longer has my name as creator, but it says it comes from a freebe store. I was invited to SL back in 2005 by someone who wanted to show me that one of the top Animation sellers in SL had built their whole sim with textures taken from a Unreal game level I had built, every texture was there. And of course back then this sim was being hailed as a top design. I have always know that my stuff was going to be stolen all the way down the line, it is the culture of SL. but it is another thing completely when the owners join in.

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